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  1. GoingDown

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    I particularly liked the Mercedes reasoning for the 'leapfrogging'.

    Their computer messed up some calculations.

    Oh, the drama.
  2. Jumbolina

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    I’m normally an F1 fan but the second half of that race was dire. Don’t think a single car swapped places and some drivers backed off to conserve engines/components for future races. Woeful.
  3. Australia demonstrated perfectly why F1 is in such a mess and its not getting any better

    Huge ugly cars and getting uglier - F1 cars are bigger than an S class, it's bonkers
    Tracks that are near impossible to overtake on (even with 3 DRS zones)
    Cars that are so reliant on air conditioning by front wings that they are unable to follow closely in disturbed air without losing downforce
    Flawed FIA rules that allow a driver to have an advantage in a pit scenario during a safety car / virtual safety car where no driver is meant to gain an advantage
    Excessive fuel & tyre conservation that defines the race

    I've followed F1 since the days of Senna & Prost, but for having an English World Champ I would probably stop watching it completely now
  4. hornmeister

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    Completely agree.
    The cars look bloody horrible now.

    As far as I'm concerned the only aero allowed should be front wing & rear wing. Every other body part should have a justified purpose.
    The passing in the pits was a technicality which they'll just need to iro out. It's the sort of thing that happens when you write rules on top of rules on top of rules, rather than goign back to square one and starting again.

    The Concorde agreement ends in 2020. Rumour is that Mercedes and Ferrari want to bugger off as the current rules are massively in the big team's favour and the new owners want to sort that out.

    F1 is on it's last legs really. As soon as Formula E sorts out the ridiculous notion of swapping to a different car mid race it's the future.

    Australia wasn't bad for a few laps when Hamilton considered making a play for first but when the saving engines tyres stuff came in and put pay to that we were stuffed.

    I do hold out a little hope for the season though.
    4 different manufacturers in the top 5. Mclaren looking decent again big crashes and a driver (nearly) throwing up in his cockpit becasue his car was force feeding him. Not all boring.
  5. wfc4ever

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    Lewis Hamilton not having a lot of help from his team atm it seems - another pit stop mess up.
  6. Jossy

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    Was a great race yesterday, and Danny Ricc is a good guy and deserving winner - but I think Sky and other media outlets have gone way overboard when proclaiming his overtakes as "sensational, greatest ever, incredible" etc.

    The grip advantage due to new softs against worn mediums was huge, and had any of the top drivers (and even some mid-field ones) been in his position, there's no doubt they'd have done the same - especially on a track where overtaking is fairly straightforward. When a Red Bull can cruise straight past both a Mercedes and a Ferrari, it's obvious there's a huge mitigating factor in play.

    Of course there's a wrong way to do it - as shown by mad Max. Red Bull should be doing anything to keep Danny Ricc to stay, as Max has got too many reckless moves in him still that keeps costing them points.

    Really enjoyed it though.
  7. wfc4ever

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    Did Hamilton win that or everyone else just hand it to him?!

    Wonder what the Red Bull garage was like afterwards- a bit heated I suspect with tension!
  8. Yes Hamilton got lucky today, but it's about time as normally it's that Kraut SV who gets all the luck.
  9. Guy

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    Just a repeat of the opening race. Hamilton was leading comfortably only for pit stop under safety car to hand the race to vettel
  10. Surprisingly decent race from a spectator viewpoint because of the unexpectedly cold track temperature, driver stupidity, crashes, safety cars, and last minute twists
  11. Diamond

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    Was there any overtaking?
  12. None more than usual, that track is one of the better ones for overtaking as the start finish straight is over 2km long and very wide, cars always get a good tow there

    What threw a spanner in the works was the temperature which caught many out. Maybe F1 should be a winter sport...?
  13. scummybear

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    A decent race, Baku seems to bring entertainment. Also a good win for Hamilton, he got luck along the way but stuck to it when his race was going (comparatively) badly and was there to pick up the pieces of Vettel & Bottas's mistakes.

    The highlight for me was Perez, Force India have struggled for pace this season and looked like falling out of the 'best of the rest' group, this was a massive result for them.
  14. Jossy

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    Whilst looking through clips of old races on YouTube of the Monaco Grand Prix, this video popped up in the right hand column - some excellent footage of the 1962 race, won by Bruce McLaren.

    This is a must see for any of you racing fans as it shows how the circuit used to be, and the almost complete lack of regard towards safety - for both drivers and spectators.

    If you've a few spare minutes, check it out - the footage quality is outstanding.

    I reckon there's a fair chance that this is more entertaining than what tomorrows race will be, unless Mad Max takes out the entire grid from the back.....!
  15. wfc4ever

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    Vettel certainly seemed to enjoy that win !

    Mind you was it so easy he had enough energy to jump around waving flags .

    You know it's really dull when the highlight is a first lap crash .
  16. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Bad race for Mercedes.

    Lewis and co will be out to bounce back at Silverstone.

    Impressive race for Haas once more and LeClerec seems to be a star of the future .
  17. What a **** up Mercedes made of Hamiltons tyre change by not bringing him in like most of the other racers under the VSC. I would not be surprised if the extra pressure he had to put on his car to try and make up for the tyre change fiasco had a bearing on his eventual breakdown :mad:
  18. Jossy

    Jossy Reservist

    I wondered this, to. I'm sure they won't confirm it though as the strategist James Vowles has already admitted blame for the mistake, and that would make his error even worse.

    Also, very little seems to have been said about Ricciardo pulling in to the pits just in front of Hamilton (as he's entitled to) which enabled Vettel to close up right behind him and make the pass.

    An awful day all round for Mercedes. Hopefully they'll bounce back next week.
  19. wfc4ever

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  20. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Hamilton on pole .

    Another Ferrari v Mercedes battle .
  21. I think Ferrari fundamentally quicker on this type of track in these temps, expect Vettel to win tomorrow
  22. wfc4ever

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    Shocker of a start for Lewis - spun and went to the back of the field but in his typical style soon back within reach of the top guys .
  23. lendal

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    Didn’t spin, rammed by Ferrari

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  24. You are correct lendal, but had Hamilton not got such a bad start it would never have happened.

    Hamilton has often started badly, especially in the past, but I thought he had cured that problem but it came back with avengence today. So even though Raikonen (spelling?) did indeed hit him, I think Hamilton has to take some of the responsibilty himself because of his terrible start.
  25. lets hope vor never sits on the jury in a rape case
  26. o_O
  27. Meh!

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    This is what makes a total mockery of F1. All well and good there is a bit more competition this year but he literally went from last to about 8th in 3 laps, with basically everyone letting him pass rather than a racing overtake because his car was so much faster.

    His car is embarrassingly quicker than most of the others, yet I imagine the commentators were gushing about what a drive it was to come from so far behind.

    Even the cars up a bit and see how he does.
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  28. cyaninternetdog

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    "Engineered Insanity", do me a favour. Still dont understand why there is such a massive gulf between the top 3 teams and the rest, money cant be the only factor. Surely it cant be that difficult for the top engineers to more or less get matching power and aero packages to the top teams? Would love to see them all in matching cars just to make it more interesting.
  29. wfc4ever

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  30. Meh!

    Meh! Pre-Dictator

    Great win? In a vastly better car than most? Most of the other drivers let him pass without even trying to contest (for the second GP in a row). His own team mate had to let him pass under team orders and pretty much showed that he was faster but was ordered to back off.

    In what way is that a great win? It's an absolute farce and a joke.
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  31. wfc4ever

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    Ok - bit like the Premier league then.

    The bigger and better teams with the most money have an huge advantage.

    Team orders happen in F1 - maybe not fair but just the way is it.
  32. When did Bottas let him past? Bottas tried to pass Hamilton straight after the safety car but Hamilton held him off, after that Bottas was then told to hold station, but I do not recall Bottas actually letting Hamilton past?

    However, Raikkonin (spelling?) was told to let Vettel through though.
  33. UEA_Hornet

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    I think that's a bit harsh. It was a great win for Mercedes. Hamilton is their number 1 driver so was always going to be favoured over Bottas - though I think the conditions and bad form in the previous couple of races caused that decision more than anything.
  34. Meh!

    Meh! Pre-Dictator

    I can appreciate that the money gives teams an advantage and that is at least acceptable in that he can probably beat the other guys on hardware alone but someone at least try to race him.

    Admittedly Watford generally step aside when playing the bigger teams, but most of the other lower league sides at least give it a go and sometimes get a result.

    From the second race in a row he's gone from the back end of the grid to the top 4/5 without a single honest racing overtake. Literally every driver just letting him past. That is not racing.

    Do I remember rightly that Mansell back in the 80s with a vastly inferior car with smaller engine was still mixing and challenging the better cars.

    Not 1 single car challenged or tried to race Hamilton. It was like back marker stuff but they had every right to defend and race him on the same racing lap. But step aside they all did.

    I'll admit the tyre strategy did the remaining top teams but how much of that was Hamilton himself is probably debatable, and more likely down to his engineers advice.
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  35. miked2006

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    What you’re essentially saying is that there is nothing Hamilton can do to impress you. He’s top of the championship despite two people having slightly better cars than him and one having an equal car but better reliability. That he is above Vettel is especially impressive, as Ferrari clearly give Vettel preferential tactics much earlier in GPs; Mercedes only gave team orders when Bottas failed to pass Hamilton immediately after the restart.

    Again, that Hamilton came through the field is not that impressive. That he looked so masterful in wet conditions, was. Yes, Vettel crashing gave him the race. However, he was over a second and a half faster than Vettel (in the better car) in the wet. That he was catching Vettel so quickly probably led to his mistake.
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