Electric Heating - Storage Vs Panel.

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  1. ForzaWatford

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    I've recently bought a place. It only has electricity, no gas supply. The living room/kitchen (open plan) has a modern dimplex storage heater that seems to work ok, but is massive and ugly, the two bedrooms have electric panel heaters which are much easier to use and control.

    We spoke to an electrician this morning and he said he'd just convert them all to panel heaters if it was his house, but i'm worried that will make it really expensive to heat the house, especially atm when we're in all the time. I'd rather have these, but don't want to end up spending a fortune on electricity bills. Does anyone else have electric heating? What have you found is the best way to heat your house for a reasonable price?

    We're on a day/night tariff atm as well, but could change that easily enough.

    I can't believe my life has come to asking people about heating. God.
  2. WillisWasTheWorst

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    I don’t think God knows much about heating either. That’s the other fella.
  3. hornmeister

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    Panel heaters cost more to run but offer heat when required.

    You need to look at your heating bills and requirements to see whether a change is financially viable. Given you're in all the time at the moment and on Economy 7 I'd stick with what you've got unless you're struggling with cold spells which you can't cope with. A couple of oil filled electric heaters may temporarily assist with that.
  4. Bwood_Horn

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    Storage heater are OK if you require heat during the day (the target market was retirees).

    TBF Dimplex is a good brand.

    If, if you want to sped money (and long term) I'd look at heat pumps. Big outlay, big radiators but small bills.
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  5. cyaninternetdog

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    You can get electric radiators with electric thermostats on. No idea if they are any good, just saw them and thought it was a cool idea. They fit on the wall like normal radiators.
  6. domthehornet

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    The bots are getting smarter with the targeted ads.
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    So Forza, what did you end up going with?
  8. ForzaWatford

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    I haven't yet! But now that we've figured out the heating a bit more, the dimplex in the living room seems to be fine, so we'll stick with that. We're going to upgrade the really old storage heater in the hallway to the newer model and then replace the two old panel heaters in the bedrooms with the newer ones you spoke about I think. They're actually nowhere near as expensive as I thought they might be.

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