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    Bloody nuisance. I didn’t realise that they aren’t legal yet, there’s a bloke around my way with one and not only does he look like.... a grown man riding a scooter, he also zips down the pavement causing people to stand in the road or press against hedges.

  3. Robert Peel

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    The vehicle of choice for attention seeking, overgrown toddlers.

    Seeing this made me wish coronavirus had been deadly enough to wipe out the human race.
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  4. Carpster

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    They introduced them here in Bergen over the weekend. Download an app and pay per minute I believe. So far seen kids doing doughnuts and jumps down the steps plus they just leave them everywhere. The council are not happy by all accounts today.
  5. Hornpete

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    I've got one.

    Modded it to 35mph by removing the limiter. Also removed the wheel covers that makes it easier to do 360 spins off the kerb and outside mcdonalds. Added ankle slashers to the sides for pedestrians who get in my way, and an industrial air horn that plays the dukes of hazzard duh duh duh de duh der der der. It's not legal to use yet on the road but I dont care because I'd use it on the pavement anyway. Its more fun watching snowflakes get irate as i aim directly for them. The flamethrower for the front is being delivered from Korea as I type. Eat my dust mother f******
  6. lowerrous

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    You say that:

    Yet the article says that:

    Just another example of your appalling reading comprehension ability?
  7. a19tgg

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    Always hated them.... but if you work or commute into London, with Coronavirus I think they’re now necessary and will help a lot of people avoid public transport.
  8. UEA_Hornet

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    At least up until the point they get run over by a bus.
  9. Moose

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    Probably because I also read this article which states that it will be possible to ride them on pavements.


    Maybe there is some doubt or the BBC is referring to the current situation, but quite why you have to be such a massive t!t about it is beyond me. I don’t write about you in that way, other than just then when I called you a ‘massive t!t’. Please post politely and then I won’t have to call you a massive t!t again. :)
  10. hornmeister

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    I find a pocket full of pea shingle is a useful tool in the fight against these, er tools.
  11. lowerrous

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    Did you even "really" call me a "massive t!t" in a derogatory sense anyway?

    Surely what you "really" were referring to was that I somehow resembled a large version of one of these endearing fellas:


    So clearly no offence was meant and in turn I shan't be taking any.
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  12. Moose

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    I hope the BBC article is correct (and I was wrong), but I suspect we will see them on the pavements a lot. They will be parked there.

    We were in Stockholm last year where there are well used schemes. Stockholm has some quite wide pavements and lots of cycle paths, but we saw two collisions between scooter riders and pedestrians in a weekend. The scooters litter pavements as they run on the basis of just drop them wherever. I would worry about scooters in the UK because of the narrowness of many streets and pavements.
  13. Robert Peel

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    Blind charities concerned about the damage that infantalised morons on e-scooters can do.
  14. lm_wfc

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    If e scooters are a nuisance, the problem isn't the scooters it's our road systems.

    People don't need cars to go 1 mile, the amount of land and tarmac we dedicate to cars is insane.

    Though still think e bikes are better - proper sized wheels not dangerous piddly ones
  15. Diamond

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    Much as I agree about overuse of cars lm, how much fun will an e-scooter be in a January rain/slush/sh*te weather day?
  16. domthehornet

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    Used one when I was in Brussels over New Year's, I was quite surprised by the speed they picked up and can see the benefit of them if it means less cars on the road.
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