Dyche Was Ready Made For The Job?

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  1. a19tgg

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    You’re advocating keeping a coach who went on to oversee his clubs relegation, when none of our managers ever actually got us relegated in the first place. It makes no sense, Gracia got us a to a cup final and our best PL finish, imagine what he could’ve achieved vs a coach who instead got his team relegated?
  2. hornetboy1

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    All I’ve said is the Pozzo’s should have given Dyche a chance. If you read something else in that, that’s up to you.
  3. Diamond

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    You said "Burnley are not your team so why would you watch them". So how does that fit with what I've just quoted above?
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  4. nascot

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    Burnley were by far the most depressing team to play against in our time in the PL, complete anti-football. Also Dyche's touchline behaviour is a piss take.
  5. Relegation Certs

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    All of those Lancashire clubs - Preston, burnley, Blackburn, Blackpool etc - would be, quite rightly, horrified to be considered similar in size to us. They beat us by any measure. As do luton.

    When we don't go up this season, normal service has been resumed.
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  7. WatfordTalk

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    Honestly wouldn't trade that 12/13 season for anything. Fully fell in love with the club again that season, wonderful football, and a very likeable squad and head coach. I would like to erase the entire day at Wembley from my brain though.
  8. Supertommymooney

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    Are you joking?!
  9. Shakespearo

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    As I recall, Duxbury, Nanni (spelling?) and Zola - following their time at West Ham - were set on identifying a buyable club, a purchaser with sufficient resources and bringing them together. Dux as CEO, Nanni as Director of Football and Zola as Head Coach. Getting shot of Dyche was nothing personal once the Pozzos were on board. If Dyche staying had been a deal breaker, the deal wouldn't have gone ahead and Dyche would have had to field a bunch of YTS kids (plus Lloyd!) while Baz sold off the rest of the squad.
  10. Relegation Certs

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    I know it's unpalatable but:

    -More major trophies than us
    -They've beaten us many more times than we've beaten them
    -Above us in the all time league table
    -Bigger record crowd than us
  11. We hate 48

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    Whilet I wish it was more I think only one is wrong and that is record crowd - they had 30k whereas we “famously” had 34k v Man U - which of course we lost
  12. Relegation Certs

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    Ah fair enough, I wasn't sure on that point and certainly wasn't going to Google the ****s
  13. We hate 48

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    Whether they have any new money or not it is being reported (The Athletic amongst others) that the "£200m" takeover is in fact £150m (they bought 84% of the club) and that to fund that, the new owners have;

    a) put in £15m of their own capital
    b) used all of Burnley's cash in the bank-£55m
    c) taken out a high interest loan of £80m secured against the ground/the players/TV money

    So their debt free/cash in bank model is turned on its head.

    Indeed some might say the new financing structure is a lot similar to a recently relegated club now trying to get back into PL where the owners had put very little of their own money in and are finding it hard to attract players who cost more than Nil or even established Head Coaches who have experience in the PL or Championship.
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  14. reids

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    Yup, Burnley are gonna be even more strapped for cash now. I read that apparently someone in the club said it would mean the sale of a good first team member each season in order to balance the books. It's a similar system that the Glazers have done with Man Utd, buy the club with the clubs own money, give it back to them in the form of a high interest loan and earn yourself money off the interest whilst stifling the money the club can use going forward. And it's gone fantastically well for Man Utd so far.
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