Difficult Times In Havana - Respect The Numbers!

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    Enemies of Cuba will be delighted to know that things are very, very tough this year. The blockade has been greatly tightened under Trump, especially stopping family remittances via Western Union etc. Also of course the cursed virus. Vegetables are extremely short. Hardly at any price. One pound of salad tomatoes for example - 8 US dollars. Even cigarettes are short.

    There have been long phone calls describing how one family auntie queued all day for pork meat, which is traditional for the new year celebrations in Cuba. The cost of the meat? 700 pesos. About 35 US dollars. That is super expensive. She even slept overnight in the queue. They gave out numbers and our auntie was number 106.

    When she went this morning with her number, they said the meat had run out. There was not enough to reach number 106. And the number doesn't serve for tomorrow's queue or anything else.

    There is great wailing and gnashing of teeth on the phone and all the various parties declaring at regular intervals that they OUGHT to respect the numbers. It's not right. This would never have happened under Fidel. He would never have let something like that happened. Fidel would have MADE them respect the numbers. And also he probably would have done something beautiful to sort this virus out too....

    Well it just goes to show that all these rich western people moaning and groaning about "My Christmas" being ruined by having to stay in a luxury house with loads of food and drink and widescreen TV don't live in anything like the real world.
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    It'll be OK in the UK as long as people's iphone contracts don't run out of data, then all hell will break loose and they'll start moaning about their personal rights being infringed or something.
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    Having spent a fair amount of time in Cuba in the early noughties, it makes me sad to hear that . Although even back then I never saw a shop that had more than a few items of food in it .

    It’s a shame that tourism has changed the place but it’s the countries best chance at earning foreign currency . Thailand and even Australia count tourism as one of their biggest markets .
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    Tough times for the people in Cuba.

    I am not one for campaigning to send people in other countries aid for normal life, but everyone should note the hardship in countries like this and look at themselves and what they think of as essentials.

    The money people spend on “essential” tech is ridiculous, when there are things that can do the same job for a fraction of the cost.

    We all like nice things, but let’s not kid ourselves they are essential.
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    No enemies of Cuba on this forum as far as I know, Clive.

    They are a clear example of a failed political system, but I have nothing but warmth towards the normal folk I came across in my time there. Lovely people.
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    I love Cuba, been a few times (including my honey moon), the old and decayed opulence of Havana is stunning and nothing quite like watching the old cars go by

    hopefully bidden will act with more compassion, however have always though it will be terrible if Cuba becomes another American outpost
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    Went to Cuba nearly 20 years ago with a girlfriend and loved it.

    We stayed in a hotel that was meant to be all inclusive, but you couldn’t get a drink, get milk for your tea or coffee in the morning or basically get anything without a $1 bill. If you don’t have one you’d just be ignored.

    I loved it, I hate the concept of tipping normally, as in thinking who needs to be tipped and how much, it’s so awkward. This way you knew exactly here you stood.
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    That was all it was before the Revolution. A country to be exploited by the Cuban elite and their chums in the US. Corrupt as they come and criminals at best.
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    There used to be a Sandals in Varedero (now the Royal Hicacos) that was the same, all inclusive but you had to tip if you wanted decent service. Beautiful resort, but smelt of sulpha (something to do with either natural occurrence or oil production) , food was poorish (dont eat the beef) and real negative was the number of large Canadians body builder types who were generally loud and annoying.
  11. Loads of Canadians there last year when we were there. Very popular holiday location for them as only a short flight due south.
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    This was in Varadero, it wasn’t Sandals but I can’t remember the name.

    You’ve reminded me about the Canadians now, the hotel was about 90% full of them because of course the yanks couldn’t go there. I remember now they all used to walk round with their own thermal cups to get their beer or whatever they were drinking poured into.
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