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  1. sherlock

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    In a few days all the three will begin playing for serious games.

    I was daydreaming of everything going 110% well, with: WFC promoted to Premier; Granada saving easily and maybe qualifying for Europa League; Udinese doing honorably in Champions and qualifying again for it.

    Then I realized if this would happen, the Pozzo's would have a queue of beggars outside the door, glorious "minor" clubs from Germany, France, Russia ... all asking "Please take me over!!!" "Please buy us!!!" :]]:]]:]]

    Second image that came to mind is the older Pozzo with an Europe map, putting flagpins on half Europe, and grinning "Muahahahahahaha! I'll rule the footbal world without anyone realizing that!" :naughty:

    Jokes apart: good luck to all the "trinity"!
  2. luke_golden

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    Nice post, nicer dream. Looking forward to seeing how we all get on this season!

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