Cuba Against The Coronavirus - With Solidarity, Unity & Serenity

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    Perhaps it might be interesting to hear how distant countries with very different social systems to our own are coping with the Coronavirus.

    So far, Cuba has 40 confirmed cases and 1 death (an elderly Italian tourist who was among the first three confirmed cases). All of the cases are amongst foreigners who have arrived from Spain, Italy, USA etc. or Cubans who have had contact with them. There is no evidence yet of transmission between people on the island. Over a 1000 people are quarantined in the 'campismo', which is like Cuban Butlins holiday camp. Anyone who has the slightest symptom or contact with a suspected case, must go immediately to their local polyclinic/family doctor. Very different from here.

    The borders were closed on Sunday and 32,000 tourists already on the island put in quarantine in their hotels until they can fly home. The great majority went yesterday.

    Cuba has closed schools and the salsa 'bailables' are being shown with the bands playing on TV instead. Although there's no ban yet, Cubans are urged not to go in the street unless essential. Social distancing is difficult for Cubans who are one of the most touchy feely people in the world. There is some feeling that people aren't taking it seriously enough. There have been plenty of videos online of packed fiestas de casa going on as normal. Some say that the Cubans are so used to facing deadly threats that not much shakes them up.

    As you'd expect, many countries are pleading for Cuban medical workers. Some of the countries have political philosophies very far from that of Cuba. However, Cuba shares what it has, not what it has left over. The Henry Reeve medical brigade, which dealt so effectively with the ebola outbreak in Africa, has answered Italy's plea with 140 healthcare professionals. 100 nurses have made the short journey to Jamaica. Large brigades are also working in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

    Although Cuba has an excellent health service and a very high rate of doctors and hospital beds, the blow from the loss of all tourism will be huge. I would ask readers to sign the change uk petition started by the 'Cubanos en el UK' group, which asks for the lifting of the USA economic blockade for the duration of this global pandemic.

    If the USA is unable to be a leader to the world in these times, the least it can do is not cause harm.
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    That's mainly ******** though. Cif's aunt, Mayra, is an internationalist and has worked in Belize and Venezuela. Nobody made her do it or forced her. She likes doing it. Both my in-laws are/were teachers and volunteered for Angola when Cuba was fighting there. Nobody made them volunteer either. Even Northern Ireland benefited from Cuban internationalists - they sent over boxing trainers to work with the poorest. Where's their interview? Why isn't the woman being interviewed complaining about the free medical training she got from the revolution? Why shouldn't some be paid back in service of the people?

    It's fascinating to see how something so obviously beneficial as having doctors, nurses, teachers and so on helping the poor in developing countries can be twisted by those opposed. Why doesn't Britain send a medical brigade to help the emergency in Italy?
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    Obviously I can't answer any of these questions but I wanted to see your response to the article.
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    I read it when it came out. The first thing that struck me was as part of Cuba's continued assistance with providing medical support somewhere in the world, some of them will end up in less desirable places than others. Obviously there would need to be handlers and translators etc, and quite possibly some of these 'officials' may be on a power trip. So for a number of people it won't be all rosy for various reasons.

    On a side note, I've said this a few times, all of the Cubans I know are great people and they are all supportive of the revolution. Whereas I know a number of Venezuelans who conversely hated Chavez and Maduro. As I'm married to a Peruvian I have a lot of Latino friends, I would not say a bad word about the majority of them. The Cubans I know seem to be the happiest and contented of the lot.
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    Yes, it's very annoying that they search really hard to find a malcontent and then air their views at length, with no balancing argument on the other side.

    I also know 'una pila' of cubanos in this country and of all those I've known, there was only 1 I can think of who was dead set against the revolution. Everyone else is supportive to a greater or lesser degree, or quite commonly "no está en na'" - doesn't get involved in politics.

    As you say, it's different with Venezuelans. Ciff went out for an Xmas dinner with her group of local Latinas and got in quite a big 'discussion' with a venezolana who wanted to tell her what Cuba was like, despite never having been there. She did apologise to her in the end, but Ciff was still indignant and brava when she got home!
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    Confirmed cases now up to 67. Still only one death though.

    1,423 Cubans and 116 foreigners remain isolated under medical vigilance. 36,056 further citizens are being closely monitored by primary health care staff. 4,782,231 citizens have so far been examined for symptoms.

    Cuba is now collaborating medically with 51 other countries with regard to fighting the outbreak. So far there are no reports of any of infections amongst Cuban internationalist medics. Two further cadres of healthcare professionals received the national banner yesterday (Thursday) before departing, one to St Vincent and the Grenadines and the other to Antigua and Barbuda.

    Here's the brigade contingent receiving their banner before going to help the desperate situation in Jamaica. You can decide whether they look like they're being 'forced' as that silly BBC article implies.

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    Arrival in Jamaica. Here you can see how much their help, and that of the 300+ Cuban medics already working on the island is appreciated.

    Little Al Jazeera piece on the brigade to Italy.

    Interviewer: "Why are you going on this mission if you know Cuban doctors have died on past missions?"

    Cuban Doctor: "Because we are the Cuban people! This is Cuba! And we're always going to keep on struggling."

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    So leasing their doctors and nurses to desperate nations has been Cuba's top hard currency earner.

    Fair enough, I hadn't realised it was so lucrative.
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    How cynical. Cuba can't do right for doing wrong for some people. Why do right wingers always have to look for some slander or untruth to try to sully such work? Operation Miracle, which treated more than 3 million poor people from 36 different countries for cataracts for free was a bit of a struggle for them, but the answer they came up with eventually was propaganda. Yes, that's why they're doing it. Although they say they're doing it for solidarity with the poor of the world, in actual fact, it's just for propaganda. And the brigades that fought and defeated Ebola in Africa (more than any other nation or the international red cross), or those who camped up in the mountains to treat the victims of the Pakistan earthquake while rich western charities posed around the airport in their Toyota Landcruisers for the TV cameras and did next to nothing apart from appealing for more money.

    All propaganda probably. Or profit. Or the doctors are somehow being forced.

    @zztop - a serious question. Do you agree that the US ought to life the economic blockade on Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Nicaragua etc whilst this crisis for humanity exists?
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    How is that being cynical? I was just repeating something that was in one of the propaganda videos that you linked to.

    Besides, I'm not knocking it. If Cuba has found something that they can actually export, apart from cigars, then they have to go for it and if the "buying" country thinks it is a price worth paying, then everyone's a winner.
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    I love Cuba , been there a few times , very poor, but very generous and no city in the world can compare to Havana
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