Crystal Palace 1-2 Watford FC - 12/01/2019

Discussion in 'Match Day' started by Clive_ofthe_Kremlin, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Oh sorry, I just assumed it was him (I never clicked the link). :p

    NI_PALACE_FAN Academy Graduate

    Ooh I can’t wait until 3pm today to watch Zaha year you boys a new one ;). Clive selective memory of the kremlin!! (You mean the gay bar in Belfast??) you own players have already came out and said they were targeting Wilf as you’d are just scared little boys :’)
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    It is definitely set out in the article as a direct quote from Woy. It would have helped if he had used "in this moment" somewhere in there.

    I agree that he called us tinpot and said that he can't see even his ***** team fu5king this one up.

    11-0 (zaha pens in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 mins) Zaha substituted after 11th pen due to him breaking a toe nail from another physical assault by Capoue.
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    Armchair fan? You make noises like one.
  5. If we knew what being 'yeared' meant we might have a clue if it was a good or a bad thing.
  6. Diamond

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    That'll be the spittle on the keyboard.
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    Egg yolk probably
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    Aaah, now I get it. Woy was trying to sound like the fans.

    Sorry mate but I have read your post a few times and makes no sense. KVA can you please translate again for us as you seem to speak Saaarf Lundun like!
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    Wil-fried or poached?
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  10. Genius. One of Moog's I pwesume?
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    Wasn't this guy defeated by Fash Gordon?
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    Thankyou for taking the time to register on WFC Forums and welcome!

    Although many Januaries have passed since those days of South London debauchery and youthful tinned pie disappointments compadre, I do still recall something of the Sarf Lundun lingo. But even so, I'm afraid I was unable to decipher much of your message.

    What I'd really like to know, is why Palace fans seem so desperate to whip up rivalries with distant teams? Having Brighton as rivals always seemed daft. It's bloody miles away and anyway, nobody really minds Brighton much. Now there appears to be chipper after egger over on your board declaring how much they despise us and all we stand for and that we ought really to be your bitter rivals? Why?

    Invented outrage about a dodgy tackle that might have (but didn't) cause your star player an injury? Similar happens a dozen times every Saturday across the country. You know it, I know it. To suggest that Watford are a strongarm dirty team is just stupid. If you believe it to be true, explain why you are the only solitary club who think that. The only ones.

    I'm intrigued as to where all this venom has come from all of a sudden. I remember the quantity of drugs that circulated freely around the dark, dingy streets of SE19 and can only think that the situation has got worse since.

    It's all a bit strong isn't it?
  13. Harrow Orn

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    Just dont drum when our players are taking a corner. It must be so off putting!
  14. Siohmy

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    1-0 Watford with Capoue scoring followed by him and Pererya performing an elaborate celebration including fake running of his studs down the back of Pererya’s calf.

    Of course he’ll probably make slight contact by accident and Pererya will be our for 10 months.
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    You just know Sir Alex is going to die when he is 98.
  16. It's footbal I love

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    Hello, Palace fan here.

    I remember going onto the Holmesdale site after last season's game against Man city where we got a last minute pen that was saved. The ball was thrown straight out to De Bruyne who set off on a run, only to be scythed in half by Puncheon - a disgraceful and dangerous challenge.

    Not a word about it on the Holmesdale until I made my feelings about it known - crucified for doing that.

    My point is that I hate not only to see cynical play destroying talent but also one-eyed bias no matter that I support Palace.

    I expect to be ridiculed on here, of course, but I can't find one comment on this thread that will admit that Troy's admission that Wilf was targeted to be rotationally fouled is not good for football and nothing to be proud of - no matter who you support. Not the admission itself but the fact that it was a confession that this was cynically premeditated. Manager's orders?

    I love the fact that someone on here has written about that challenge on Zaha in the earlier match and dismissing it as a storm in a teacup but at the same time admitting that it may have caused a bad injury but didn't. Is that ok then?

    For the record (if anyone on here is even remotely interested), there are many on Hol;mesdale who wish that Wilf would stop moaning - the raised eybrows, the outstretched arms) and just get up and play. He allows himself to get wound up too easily. I think that it affects his game adversely and he would play better if he stopped all that.

    However, to say that he isn't fouled more than just about anyone is just biased and untrue. We all know that the opposition will target him to both stop and wind up. This includes, by Troy's admission, Watford.

    Do I expect anyone on here to admit that Watford do anything wrong? No - too biased for reasoned discussion, as far as I can see here.

    I still remember that first game between us this season and I would love us to get revenge for that today. I think the Palace players will have that in mind toady, too. I don't reckon you'll be rolling us over with those 'reducers' this time. I hope we give as good as we get.

    1-0 Palace. Highly competitive (to use a euphamism) and even the possibility of red card or two.

    Enjoy the game.
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    NI_PALACE_FAN Academy Graduate

    Expect the same later today Troy??

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    Good luck with these palace twunts, I'm off to the match.
  19. You're na*ve if you didn't know rotational fouling happens in a great many games of football from the pro game to Sunday league, and yes probably hundreds of times by your own team down the years
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  20. Mollyboo

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    I dearly hope so.

    I don't normally condone deliberately fouling anyone, but Zaha takes cheating to a new level.

    The very moment he starts diving, I really hope one of our lads gives him a horribly serious reason to fall over.
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  21. kVA

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    The best I can translate from this ancient dialect is:

    He’s excited because at 3pm Zaha will wish us a happy New Year.

    We now own players rather than breaking the rules of the loan system.

    I’m not sure but I think he’s suggesting that Clive may be forgetting a previous meeting between them on Northern Ireland’s gay scene and that many of our players have already ‘come out’ and want a bit of fun time with Zaha. Oh and rest of us are too scared to come out.
  22. EB Hornet

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    There's another thread about Capoue and Palace. A few comments saying they don't like fowl play from us. Also Troy gets loads of negative comments on here about the things he says. And we have a list of players (some current, some former) who get moaned at all the time for diving, even though IMO most of the time they don't. So we are pretty good on here with being balanced.

    As for Zaha, yep he gets fouled a lot because of his speed and skill. However he isn't the only one, but how come he's the biggest talking point of them all? Last season there was a big thing made of it again, poor old Wilf. In the piece I watched about him they pointed out that at that moment in time (this is last season) he was 4th most fouled. Top was a young Brazilian playing for a team in yellow and black. That part got skipped past though as it didn't match the theme of the poor old Zaha story-line.
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    2 references to boys, 1 reference to tearing a new A hole and 1 mention of a gay bar in 8 lines. That's definitely the most homoerotic post i've seen for a while IN PALACE FAN. Thank u for your contribution, we are a broad church here and WFC is a proud supporter of all forms of diversity. I wish u the best of luck with your chosen lifestyle.
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  24. Squibba

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    Don't use words like euphemism if you can't spell. Thanks.
  25. domthehornet

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    The Lonsdale massive seem right up for this one, almost as if it's the highlight of their season.
  26. It's footbal I love

    It's footbal I love Academy Graduate

    So that's the best you can come up with?

    Thanks for your input. :)
  27. LondonOrn

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    Nothing wrong with the grammar, it's just rather clunkily written, and as SkyLaRose said, a somewhat portentous way of stating the bleedin' obvious.

    A better way of writing/saying it would be I guess:

    We know when we play a team other than those that no one gives us a hope of beating, at home we need to take full advantage and win.
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    Also, people are going on about the Holmesdale site - anyone heard of the CPFC BBS? ( Massive community there with threads going back to last century and some users with six figure post counts. They have interesting post-match threads after every game with people submitting player ratings and some detailed and balanced reports. There's also a forum for away supporters although it tends to get overrun by inane banter with Brighton and Millwall fans.

    Palace are by no means one of my favourite clubs, but I find that site a good read.
  29. It's footbal I love

    It's footbal I love Academy Graduate

    All right, then.

    It may be that every team in the world picks out players to rotationally foul.

    I think it sucks, no matter who does it, because it destroys creativity and allows cheats to prosper.
  30. kVA

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  31. Cthulhu

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    Zaha has skill.
    He probably does get a bit more fouled than other players who aren’t as skilful.
    But at the same time he is a diver
    Players dive in most teams.
    Players foul in most teams
    We aren’t rivals with you.
    Zaha is ******* annoying with his whinging and Dwayne dibble style open arm gesturing.

    Right are we done?
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  32. It's footbal I love

    It's footbal I love Academy Graduate

    I guess so. Talking to a brick wall. Ha ha.

    Enjoy the match.
  33. lutonh8a

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    If you take a look through this forum you would more than likely see that most on here are capable of fair and balanced opinions, which does not seem to be the case on your own forum. I think most Watford fans have criticised Troy on the comments made on the radio and other things he has said in the past. Although I understand your point about cynical play and actually do agree with you, it is not just Watford that utilise these tactics teams across the world have done this, the difference is we have a captain stupid enough to admit it in public. However you can call me fickle but personally I don't care if we have to kick players to get victories at the end of the day its about getting points and presumably you are not bothered when Zaha wins matches with his diving.
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    Stopped reading at 'hello'. This is a football forum not a coffee shop.

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