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  1. nornironhorn

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    Can anyone explain to me the rules on co-ownership of a player? I dont understand it at all, just saw on wikipedia that Udinese have a few co-ownership deals with players and teams, like Isla and Juventus
  2. Rikkomas

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    basically you own 50% of the player and in the contract it is written:
    - where the player will play
    - which team can buy the player for a fixed amount at the end of the season

    In case of a full co-ownership (without point 2) at the end of the season the 2 clubs can seat down and find an accord; if they can't agree, on a fixed date each team will put a sum in an envelope and the higher bidder gets the player (other team gets the $)
  3. nornironhorn

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  4. wfcmoog

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    Would this sort of arrangement be permitted in England? I can't see that it would.
  5. Prentice

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    Nothing to stop it, the rules state you aren't allowed agencies to own a third part, such as you see in South America and Portugal. (Tevez deal being a good example)

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