Clive's Santeria Thread (Regla de Ochá, Lucumi Etc)

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    Don't know if there are any other Hornets have acquired the beaded necklaces or indeed have received the warriors or even ascended to the throne.

    However since Santeria involves a lot of rumba and also rum, it is so far the religion which most attracts me. I am always sure to give the first drop of rum from a new bottle on the front door mat. That is for Elegua who looks after the front door and stops anything bad coming in. Proper practical stuff the saints give you.

    Here is a rumba from where I lived in Centro Habana. This rumba represents the dispute between Changó y Oggún for the favours of Ochún and it brought to mind the current situation with us.

    In this rumba, Marco Silva is represented by the lady in white. Watford are (fittingly) the comrade in the yellow t-shirt and the man in white is Everton. Me and Cif regularly give it some of this round our rented Cotswold kitchen.

    For me anyway.

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    Here is Ellegua.


    He is the saint who holds the keys to destiny.

    He opens and closes the door to disgrace or to happiness.

    He is the son of Obatala. He is represented by a rock about the size of a King Edward with hair and cowrie shells for eyes. You usually keep yer Ellegua somewhere near the door for the previously mentioned doorman duties he performs for you.

    He is a child himself and so likes sweet things (hence the rum - sugar y'see) and calls out to children, so they can hear him, but adults can't so much. Well, unless they go 'montado' which is something else altogether which I will explain. When they get possessed by the saints it is.

    Anyway, Ellegua. Colours red and black. Holds the keys. Is a trickster. Likes a bit of fun. Is the path to all the other saints. Nothing can start without Ellegua is happy with it all first.


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    Here is Yemaya. The great mother who lives and rules over the seas.


    You want to cross the sea? You have to ask Yemaya first. Also looks after mothers and the moon. Maternal and nurturing but also fierce. Terrible, terrible punishments if you upset her. Don't upset Yemaya.

    Colours are blue and white. Very good on the machete. Her dance starts of slow and graceful with lots of blue skirts like the waves, but builds into a storm showing her power.

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    Eek it's Oyá! The fiercest of all the female saints.


    Owner of the winds and storms. Goes into battle with two swords. Will zap you with lightning without a second thought.

    When not battling or zapping Oyá guards the gates of the graveyard and makes sure that the boundaries between life and death are properly respected, if you get my meaning and I think you do.

    Multi-flippin' coloured and if I advised not messing with Yemaya, definitely, definitely respect Oyá.

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    Here is Ochosi, the hunter and fisherman.


    He lives in the woods and is the saint for justice and for those of us who have difficulties with the law. If anyone's going to get the case against you ruled out on an unexpected technicality, it's Ochosi.

    He's one of the four (Male) warriors along with Ellegua, Ogún and Osun.

    His colour is blue, but interspersed with coral on the 'collares' which is the necklaces you wear for the saints, which I'll explain later.

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    Here is Ogún. He's in charge of metal and minerals (he especially likes iron).


    Good for anyone who works with metal, mechanics, engineers, policemen, soldiers, surgeons. Any of those. Also good for anyone facing surgery and operations of all kinds, fevers, accidents where there's profuse bleeding, and of course, any kind of wound caused by metal. I tend to avoid followers of Ogún as they are renowned for being violent, impulsive, and unforgiving. A bit stabby in other words.

    But, on the plus side, they are also brave, determined, and never give up hope.

    Fun Fact: When the saints came down to earth, it was Ogún who cleared away the forests with his machete!

    Colours are green and black alternating.

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    Here are the 'collares' - the necklaces which you wear to show your affinity with one of the particular Orishas (saints).

    These have supernatural forces. More you have of 'em, more force you got.

    The order of the colours signifies the particular saint it's for. The equivalent in England would be those wrist bands they sell.

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    Here is Chango. Very, very popular with the gentlemen is Chango. Lots and lots of followers. Very manly and virile. Owner of fire, thunder and war. But also, conversely, music, drumming and dancing.


    His colours are red and white alternating and you can see these red/white collares around the necks of almost every womanising wolf around the bars and rum windows. A compulsive gambler, fast talker and manipulative.

    Fun fact: See that double headed axe he has, that's his sign that. When they do their tribute, they lie on the floor and spread their arms out to represent that axe.

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    this is similar to umbanda in the north of brasil. i too offer a little to the orixá when i'm having my cachaça
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    Has Clive finally jumped the shark?

    What’s wrong with normal, good old fashioned, English pagan gods and spirits eh?
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    Wow the mods did actually delete my picture.

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    I've just had a bone-chilling thought. Perhaps Ellegua himself came down to smite it from existence.

    In a dead man aren't I.

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    I've just realised that I know nothing
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    Yes indeed. It is all from Yoruba in Africa and came with the slaves across the Atlantic.

    In Jamaica it is called Obiah. In Haiti, more famously, Voudou.

    You cannot ask the saints for anything bad though. Nothing bad for another person. Otherwise it will just rebound.

    No problem asking for nice things though, for yourself or others. I got sent a 'recipe' when I was having trouble getting work a few years ago. Had to do a bath with petals from white flowers in it and then Cifriana made up a potion of perfume and what have you and flicked it over me when I got out of the bath whilst saying "clean yourself, clean yourself".

    Worked like a dream. Got two job offers the same day.
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    The Letter of the Year for 2018 has now been released by the Babalowas and I'm sure everyone here has been waiting impatiently to find out what the coming year holds.

    So with no further ado:-

    Saint who will govern in 2018: Yemaya (saint of maternity and everyone's universal mother)

    Assistant: Elegguá

    Flag of the Year: Rectangular, half white and half blue. Edged with black.


    Year's Governing Rules:
    • Every person deserves dignity and respect
    • If you don't know the law that you live with in this world, you have to go live in another
    • Parents don't ask for blessings for your children
    • If one doesn't know the right way that belongs to one, then the dead person does.
    • The son follows in the tradition of the father
    Recommended Sacrifice for 2018: A baby goat that is still suckling milk

    Significant Plants for 2018:

    White water lilly (Nymphaea Ampla)


    The 'Duck Beak' tree (Machaerium acutifolium)


    Sargassum seaweed


    Points of Social Interest:

    • It will be common that false testimonies and false accusations are raised. Everything related to the legal aspect of our lives must be taken seriously.
    • The work and economic environment often becomes unstable, with sudden changes (not necessarily negative). It is recommended to consult with Ifá to avoid difficulties.

    Prohibitions and taboos that govern the year 2018:

    • Do not rush to achieve successes in order to avoid bad luck.
    • Do not be aggressive to get the things one expects from life, to avoid ridicule and attract bad luck
    • Do not consume hedgehogs in order to avoid possible poisoning and bad energy
    • Do not conspire or be part of any conspiracy / talk against anyone in order to avoid being exposed to great misfortunes and end up making a fool of yourself.
    • Do not wear red or black coloured clothing in order to avoid failure (Yes this DOES mean this season's away shirts I'm afraid)
    • Do not marry without the express consent of parents in order to avoid tribulations and failure at the an emotional level.
    • Do not stay too far away from the water (sea, river, lagoon, etc.) in order to avoid bad energies.
    • Avoid the indiscriminate consumption of alcoholic beverages

    Orishas Specialities During the Coming Year:-

    Ifá: Ask for success at a global level, for the completion of projects and to be victorious.

    Esu: For avoiding difficulties and to achieve conquest of enemies and adverseries. Also for personal personal fulfilment.

    Egbe: For long life, support and success.

    Orí: So that our destiny is adequately projected on earth.

    Obatala: For tranquility, wisdom and peace of mind, comfort and long life, success and achievements.

    Oggún: Must be asked for the defeat of enemies, protection and support

    Oyá: To always be supported in our decisions and be victorious.

    Changó: For the defeat of enemies and obtaining leadership and direction in the spiritual life.

    Osun: To obtain family harmony and peace of mind.
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    I'm sure everyone's been waiting impatiently for the letter of 2019. I'm pleased to say it's finally been released by the Babalawos in Havana and is as follows:-

    Saint who will govern in 2019:
    Oshun (Goddess of sweet or fresh waters, heals sick, brings prosperity and fertility. Especially watches out for us poor people!)


    Assistant: Oggun (god of metalwork, rum etc)


    Flag of the Year:
    Yellow with green trim.


    Sayings for the Coming Year:

    • One cannot shoot an arrow without first going to the battlefield.
    • What is left behind doesn't get picked up again.

    Illnesses to Watch Out for in 2019:

    • Illnesses of the stomach and intestines.
    • Increases in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Impotence at an early age, as a consequence of problems in the prostate in men.
    • Malignant infections in colon and rectum.

    Points of Social Interest:

    • Problems will continue in the agricultural sector mainly in the production of food, vegetables and vegetables as a result of the low fertilization of soils.
    • There will be problems with penetrations of the sea that can produce floods and landslides.
    • There will be an increase in migratory conflicts.
    • The danger and threats of natural catastrophes of all kinds will continue.


    • Look out for signs that warn of the dangers that waste can generate.
    • Avoid the misuse of chemical products in agricultural production.
    • Beware of epidemics and diseases.
    • Avoid clashes and brawls.
    • It is recommended to maintain an adequate religious ethic.
    • Respect the elderly.
    • Avoid problems with justice.
    • Avoid sexual debauchery.
    • Make better use of agricultural resources.
    • Parents - be careful about giving excessive consent to your children.
    • Parents - pay careful attention to the care and education of your children.
    • It is forbidden to self medicate.
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    I though communists hated religion?

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    I'm a massive fan of the "Arkady Renko" series of books* (they really capture Soviet and post-Soviet life). The fourth one (one of my favourites along with the 2nd one "Polar Star"*), Havana Bay, compares/contrasts (as a really good plot device) Cubans' relationship with Santeria with that of Communism as well as the US's "relationship" with Cuba.

    *One of my greatest regrets was not taking up a job offer of being an on-board English teacher of the crew and officers of a Lithuanian freighter traveling from Klaipėda (well Tallin, Riga and then Klaipėda) to Murmansk via Dutch Harbor where most of the book's on-shore action is set - the island's bar is routinely described as the world's wildest/roughest watering hole.

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