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    Bumpity bump:

    Just had a long chat with a friend and he's just blown a brain fuse and had bought a 3 year old Dacia Dokker (planning to convert it slowly over the year for him and his husband) but basically bought a 'kit' (and other bit and bobs) from these guys. They're, self-admittedly, completely impractical blokes and they did the 'conversion' themselves in a week - they reckoned that anyone who knew what a set of socket spanners was (and did) and how a tape measure functioned could install it in under a couple of days.

    Good thing is as the stuff is 'temporary' it can be removed and gets round the DVLA, insurers and tax people about making modifications to the vehicle.
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    Campervans - well manufactured ones are very expensive, even old pre-loved ones. They attract thieves so you need to put wheel clamps on them.

    Of course the big draw back is when you arrive and set up, you lose your mobility, unlike taking a tent in a car or a caravan.

    My daughter and fella have converted a Mercedes Sprinter. Very nice too. There are lots of specialists to help, cutting out panels and fitting windows,etc. His father has a large area they can store it, so thats another issue resolved. It has taken a year, and they have only used it once because of the pandemic, but they caught the bug touring New Zealand in one.

    Personally i think for long weekends just to get away i would just book into a nice B&B. So i would suggest hiring one for a weeks holiday and trying it out, before committing the cash to buy, store and service one.
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    Favoured targets of a Caravan Utilising Nomadic Tradespeoples. For stripping for parts. Current advice for owners is fitting hidden trackers (most insurance companies insist on one) and a least some form of crook-lok on the steering wheel (many coppers actually advise removal of the steering wheel when not in use).

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