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    Neither fits with your beliefs

    Land of Hope & Glory
    God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet
    God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet

    And was the holy Lamb of God,
    On Englands pleasant pastures seen!

    And did the Countenance Divine,
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
  2. Filbert

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    I’m the Leader of the Gang by Gary Glitter would make a good national anthem for our country as it nods towards our colonial past as well as reminding us if our commitment to noncing at the very highest level.
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    Z-Cars. No lyrics. Go Spanish. A simple 'uplifting' tune. Or Canned Heat - Let's Work Together. Chorus:

    Together we'll stand,
    divided we'll fall,
    come on now people,
    let's get on the ball,
    and work together,
    C'mon, c'mon let's work together,
    Because together we will stand every boy, girl, women and man.

    Says it all for me really. Plus catchy tune. Adopt it for the state fine. Even better for my football club. A 'no-brainer' on that one. Sorry Filbert.

    Naysayers are probably critical around it having been penned around 1969ish. W.nkers. When was the effing 'national anthem' penned eh?

    So what? It remains, for me, easily the best potential football club intro. ever. Or go national.

    So just do it.
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  4. Yep. Brilliant song too, as was "Uncertain smile".
  5. wfcmoog

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    For anyone who hasn't watched all the updates yet,

  6. And this - it's almost as though he had a crystal ball.
  7. Filbert

    Filbert Leicester supporting bloke

    I was going to write that in the Epitaph thread earlier.
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    More like:
  9. Bwood_Horn

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  10. Smudger

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  11. Yes that's the song I thought I was originally replying to but can see now that was "perfect" also by TT.
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    Very illuminating comment on HIGNFY: "...his £57m fortune..." and "...go after the money...".
  13. Bwood_Horn

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    Since this "TT" namedrop 'competition' has started I've been playing them a lot (at home and in the car) and I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of my generation and, particularly, my kids' generation that keep asking "...who are these? They're pretty good..."

    EDIT: I've also forgotten what a good/'proper' musician (and song writer) Matt Johnson truly was: take the 12" of "Perfect" it's not so much an extended remix but pretty much a different song (pointed out by my daughter):
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    The flag waving part is nice though
  15. Bwood_Horn

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    The allegorical poem was put to music nearly a century after it was published. Judging by what we actually know about Blake: he was a proto-socialist with extremely public and vocal support for both the French and American revolutions and his 'theology' was a very weird amalgam of anti-organised Christianity and Classical World spirituality and geometry. The only definite thing that can be said about the 'poem' that he sent to Milton is that it is not a religious homage to 'God' or Jesus.

    ISTR that the "Jesus studying in Britain" stuff was a Victorian invention, possibly after Blake's stuff was re-discovered.

    I've had a look and I can't find my copy of a friend's MLitt thesis, where he wrote about "Deciphering the Allegory in Blake's Works" (or something like that). The one bit I do remember is that he made a very compelling argument that the "...Satanic Mills..." lines (and the corresponding illusionary stuff from the Books of Ezekiel and Revelation) were an attack on the universities of Oxford and Cambridge's clerical stranglehold on education (the "Lamb of God", "Burning Bow" etc were attributed to the various colleges' symbols and coats of arms)...

    I've also been to a couple of Church events (a wedding and a funeral) where the Vicar has not allowed 'Jerusalem' to be sung as "...it's not a hymn...". The funeral refusal was particularly annoying as my family has a tradition of reading the poem "Death is Nothing at All" at cremations (after someone found an old copy of it preserved in a deceased relatives papers) and the vicar/priest kicking up a fuss about it being "...against all of my beliefs as a Christian..."
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  17. Keighley

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    We had Jerusalem at our wedding. Our vicar (who was, in fact, my uncle) took a dim view of our choice of it. I have always assumed (though haven’t asked him) that that was because he is a Tory. Of course, the political angle was indeed the rationale for selecting it.

    PS: “Infected” is the best The The album.
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    If he's still about and you ask him about it I'd be very interested to hear his reasons for the "...dim view..." I'm pretty certain that it wouldn't be anything political but theological...
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    A double triple quadruple barrel from P O P B I T C H:

    1. A dredged up article from 2011 (PS as it's from a Murdoch paper a C&P would be nice).
    2. Johnny Carson in 1984:
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    If the FBI get their claws into Epstein’s Paedo fixer Ghislaine ,Prince Andrew is going down .

    All this nonsense about her obstinately protecting Andrew is nonsense . If hard nosed Mafia dons squeal at the first sniff of an amnesty , how long is she going to stay tight lipped for .
  22. Carpster

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    Should be world leader.
  23. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    I envy Prince Andrew on nights like these.

    Lying in bed, dry as a bone.
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  24. In principle I'm a republican, although I hate the thought of Boris, May, Moron, BLiar etc, or any idiot politician for that matter, being head of state even more. Liz has done a decent job down the years and I think Charles will do as well.
  25. Happy bunny

    Happy bunny Cheered up a bit

    He wasn't in bed, he was out prowling some night-club, looking to score some pizza
  26. HHHornet

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    That does explain the three black Land Rover convoy driving round Woking last night.
  27. Smudger

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    A real reprobate. He may have gotten away with this three centuries ago although the satirists would have still had a field day along with the printed one sheet papers.

    Why anyone still believes in monarchies is beyond me. Accidents of history. Giving themselves silly titles and all the forelock tugging and bowing and scraping. Nauseating stuff. As for Jesus in England. It's a myth perpetuated by the early Christians who were quite strong in the province of Brittania. Apparently Jesus mined tin in Cornwall with his uncle before moving onto Glastonbury so more mixing of religious traditions to placate and accommodate others before he decided it was too wet and cold to stay.
  28. a19tgg

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    Jesus would’ve been a decent headliner tbf, up there with the stones and his dad, Kanye.
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  29. Smudger

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    What did the caunt say ? The greatest musician in history ? Talentless twit more like.
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    u shore ur not confusing the popularity of "Mithraism" amongst roman auxiliaries or legionnaires stationed in Brittania who spread it wherever they went m8
  31. Smudger

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    Not at all Bwood. Christianity had a stronghold here. The Church produced emperors like the usurping Magnus Maximus and Constantine 3. Mithraism was spread from the near East as a solar deity and martial god for the legions. You can still see the Mithraeum in London where the initiation rites for new followers took place. The Romans who had worshipped the numens integrated deities from Etrusca, Italy and wherever they went and built temples to them as well. This tale about Jesus was spread by the early Church no doubt to increase devotion among the followers. It's a load of balls like a lot of folk lore.
  32. Davy Crockett

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    "Tourists are money" sang Rotten many years ago .
    However I do think William and Kate are genuinely decent people and for my sins I do support them.
    Getting a shoe-in for the above I will also understand !!
  33. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

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  34. Davy Crockett

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    It is a local var
    It is a local variation where I live of the phrase shoo-in as opposed to shoe-in.
    Or more probably I am speaking bolix!

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