Bye Bye Griffin Park

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  1. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    One of my favourite away grounds due to the covered terrace, the fact we often seem to get a result there, relatively inoffensive fans and most of all, the Fuller's pub on each corner.

    Last visit was a very nice chilled sunny pre-season friendly a couple of seasons ago. I think we won as far as I can remember. Many of the matches there are a bit hazy due to pre-match refreshment. I do have a vague memory of going to an evening match there where we won (again!) with a girlfriend and her mother.

    After the match, the mother dropped her draws and had a pee in the car park. One of the classier girlfriends that one.
  2. reids

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    I did a huge **** round the back of the Co-op before Brentford away in our promotion season. Can confirm that I am also very classy.

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