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Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by Caskey, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. NathWFC

    NathWFC First Team

    As I said before I do think letting Buckley go at the price we did was a mistake, he will no doubt go on to bigger and better things and he's exactly the player we've lacked in the squad all season.

    That said, sort your f**king life out Caskey.

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  2. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

    His obsession to come on here to talk about Brighton is odd but he talks a lot more sense than a lot of other people who post on here.
  3. scummybear

    scummybear Reservist

    I agree with LBH that he does talk sense some of the time. It's the constant goading and boasting that's irritating, as well as the way his opinion must always be right and anyone who disagrees gets a volley of abuse.

    By all means, away fans should be welcome but they should be here for general intelligent discussion, not here to massage their own ego! In fact I'd encourage an area specifically for away fans who want to post on here. If anyone else responds in the way Gav does they get banned.
  4. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    What a famous win for us and Buckles didn't score the last gasp winner. :eek:

    I'm surprised none of you lot have congratulated me yet ?



    Lets not argue or be bitter about this. Can we go up ?
  5. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    As soon as I saw the last minute winner I held my head in my hands as I knew you'd be on your way over :dismay:.
  6. YouOrns

    YouOrns Reservist

    Technically, yes.

    Will you? no.
  7. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    How did you come to that conclusion ?

    We are top of the form guide and haven't lost this year. There's so much belief in this team and that's why we score a lot of goals in the dying stages of matches.

    Gus also is very positive in his subs. How many managers would go for it at Leeds in the second half ? Poyet brought on Vicente,CMS and Noone which are all attacking players.

    One thing about Poyet is that he doesn't settle for draws.

    By the way mate, your sour grapes are aimed at me and nothing else. Why not let the football do the talking eh ?
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  8. J.B

    J.B First Team

    I find it staggering that this thread is 15 pages long. Most of the thread is made up of Caskey getting giddy about Buckles and then loads of people abusing him.

    Just let him say what he's got to say and don't reply. Leave him to talk to himself and he'll soon get bored and f**k off like 99% of the forum seem to want him to. It's not as if it's fun whenever Brighton start playing sh*t anyway cos he is nowhere to be seen then (that is poor form btw).

    All that replying to him will do is let him know that he's got an audience and that he will get attention whenever he posts. As his signature says "Trolling is an art for the gifted" and he really is playing you lot.

  9. IRB

    IRB THe artist formally know as ImRonBurgundy?

    No need for homophobia Bubble

    As for 'Buckles' I see he was hauled off at half time today...
  10. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    He was. Not sure if it was precaution or tactical. What ever it was he has certainly done his bit over the last month or so. I wouldn't read to much into it.
  11. Smithy

    Smithy Moderator Staff Member

    Some cleaning up of posts had to be done for obvious reasons.

    JB's post is spot on and it's exactly what I have to say on the matter.

  12. Corky an MK Hornet

    Corky an MK Hornet Reservist

    I have to admit I quite like Brighton. Good vocal support, nice ground, and they sing that nice ditty Sussex by the Sea before the match. Also the Cricket Team is very good, and West Sussex is lovely. Lots of good Anglo Saxon history, and the home of the last true English king Harold II. Looking forward to the game in April, I'm staying over in the Marriot and going on the lash!
  13. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    Getting slightly worried that my thread is dropping down the page - bounce needed.

    Anyone fancy locking horns with me tonight on here ?
  14. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    Another late goal rescued a point for us. One of those games you want to forget quickly. We were gash and were gifted our two goals.

    Liverpool next up. Don't forget this match is live on ESPN on Sunday so make a note of it everyone. See you then.
  15. PotGuy

    PotGuy Forum Fetishist

    Do you know if we have a sell on?

    If he turns it on in front of the cameras and goes for dollar I will be a happy boy. I'll be cheering you on in my Birghton hat, scarf and duvet combo.
  16. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    I take it you are talking about Buckles ? Yes you do have a sell on clause.

    He didn't play tonight and so i have no idea if he will be available to be picked on Sunday.
  17. Moosedog

    Moosedog Reservist

    He's played his good half a dozen games for the season and will be injured or crap for the rest
  18. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

    Why didn't he play tonight? He's on good form with his late goals isn't he, thought he would be the first name on the team sheet?
  19. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    Tightness around the hamstring area from what Gus said after the famous Leeds win. Maybe he didn't want to risk him tonight,who knows. It's a pity because Millwall were there for the taking.

    By the way what utter dirty scum Millwall fans are. Smashed up toilets and attacked staff. Robbed one mobile seller of money too.

    Pure vile homophobic vitriol from them also. I've got no problems really with witty anti gay chants but when it's nasty and in front of kids after the match then that is taking things to far.

    Even some of the younger fans were joining in and i mean YOUNG.

    Disgusting fans and i hope they go down this year or the next.
  20. TheDon

    TheDon First Team

    Typical Millwall, they ripped up a seat and threw it at a 6 year old sitting with his Nan in the Family Stand, hitting him on the head. All because Danny Graham scored.
  21. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    You would have thought this type of behaviour died away in the 80's,obviously not. I'm pretty thick skinned and expected some abuse tonight from Millwall fans but not on this scale.

    Animals in a zoo are much better behaved. I also thought a lot of their idiots have been banned but i guess there's a new wave taking their place.

    I've been to the Den a few times in the past and they didn't seem that bad. Maybe it's the beers and being away from home which brings out the ****s.
  22. LLST

    LLST Squad Player

    I'd rather watch the Stevenage game.
  23. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    Yep, Millwall's reputation is justified. Sad to hear they attacked staff, that's not on. Perhaps one day someone will have the guts to do something about their fans away from home, but I very much doubt it.

    When they came here last they threw stuff into the family section as already mentioned, and had no issues with intimidating families in the general Watford area before and after the match. Scum.
  24. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

    Buckley injured again then, shock!
  25. TheDon

    TheDon First Team

    I remember they trashed the Newsagents on Vic Rd and also Corner Shop on Market Street. Guess you're lucky your stadium's in a field, no shops to crash
  26. Caskey

    Caskey Brighton Bloke

    Reading the Millwall forum they have put the new wave of Brighton fans in the same bracket as you lot ie wet lettuces.

    I agree with them to certain extent that Brighton have attracted a brand new breed of sensitive souls to the Amex but surely that's how you fill new stadiums ? You want the football match day experience enjoyable but at the same time without losing proper banter ? I love a proper old fashion atmosphere which can be achieved without utter hatred and fights. I certainly don't want to watch a match in silence but at the same time i don't want to come home with missing teeth. Personally we have been applauded by many away fans for our hospitality this year. Something Millwall fans are not use too or want it ?

    Have a read
  27. PotGuy

    PotGuy Forum Fetishist

    No one is as well 'ard as a diabetic baldy from sarf landon. Don't you know that Caskey?

    I would have thought the Palarse baldys would have told you that often enough.
  28. NathWFC

    NathWFC First Team

    Nice to see the awful Downing and Carroll finally find their level against our friends at Brighton.
  29. NathWFC

    NathWFC First Team

    You have to say fair play to Brighton, they've certainly got goals in them.
  30. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse Strangeland

  31. wfcthroughandthrough

    wfcthroughandthrough Squad Player


    Bit of a wake up call here. Buckles off at half time again? Run out of steam again?

    I'll give you one thing, you saved Saurez's penalty. Thankyou for that at least.
  32. J.B

    J.B First Team

    One of the most comical games of football I've ever seen.

    Three own goals, one of the dodgiest keepers performances and Suarez completely fluffing his big redemption moment after Dalglish ordered that he take it.

    And on top of that Carroll scored after being set up by Downing; you couldn't make it up.
  33. ForzaWatford

    ForzaWatford Squad Player

    Have very much enjoyed this game. :sign13:
  34. Witneyellow

    Witneyellow Reservist

    Anybody seen Caskey? I'm sure he'll be along soon to regale us with how BHA will walk into the Prem!
  35. J.B

    J.B First Team

    Caskey was just escorted off the pitch after giving Carragher a hug.

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