Bosses - Too Much Lookie, Lookie, Lookie, Too Much Watchie Wah

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    This lockdown and working from home has meant frustration for peeping Tom bosses who like to slyly creep round corners and slither around the job trying to "catch" those whose nose is momentarily not fully to the grindstone.

    Good to see then that the problem has been swiftly overcome by the UK's biggest call centre operator which now requires the installation of cameras at the homes of their unfortunate victims so that they can be fully monitored for any "transgressions" such as eating, leaving the keyboard for a moment etc. If you want to leave the keyboard, you have to click 'break' and then choose from a list of reasons (eg glass of water) as to why you are absent from your post.

    It's all monitored by AI, which scans the cameras at random intervals to make sure there have been no slave revolts or breaks for freedom. A still photo is taken of any transgressions and sent upwards to the nosy Parker bosses for punishment and retribution from on high.

    How many years do you think it'll be before all of us Kremlins (carer, cleaner, shop worker, paramedic) are made to wear a camera on our head whilst on duty for monitoring purposes or not have a job?
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    Never understood why some companies feel the need to do this. It's counterproductive.

    You should be measuring employees by setting goals and assessing accordingly. Treating every employee like they can't be trusted just fosters a toxic environment in which people are more worried about making a mistake than performing well.

    It's ridiculous policy.
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    Got a mate who's worked for British Gas for the last 30+ years. Read up on what those absolute ****s of management are doing to them right now.
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