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    It’s not so much the injustice that irks me. It’s the fact that game was building up to be a great spectacle after it went 1-2. The incompetent officials killed it for all those watching almost instantly.
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    I agree, it was such a potentially game changing decision that they need to be sure before making it. How can they have been sure, when they were wrong?
    We would have gone on to win that game.
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    That's the suspension for a red card received after denying a goalscoring opportunity.

    For comparison, Troy's sending off for the so-called elbow against The Goons the other week is interpreted as violent conduct, hence three games.
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  4. Ah that'll be the Mike Walters in my year at the Grammar School then? Big WFC fan as I recall.
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    We have had
    since we have been back in the Premiership we have picked up more red cards (16) than any other club, does anyone have a list of the 16 sending offs?
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    15/16-Ake, Amrabat and Behrami
    16/17-Britos x 2, Perayra, Prodl and Watson
    17/18-Britos, Cleverly, Deeney and Zeegelaar
    18/19-Capoue, Deeney, Holebas and Kabasele
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    See below post-also on Yellows we are doing well

    15/16-73 and 2nd in table

    16/17-84 and top overall-Holebas top individual with 14

    17/18- only 63 and 7th

    18/19-now 77 and top of the table again with Capoue top with 14 and Holebas joint second on 12
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    Well done we hate 48, I couldn't find the info!
    So that's 3 for Britos, 2 for Deeney then 11 players sent off once, nothing like spreading it around!

    Deeney was also suspended but not sent off for his " exchange " with Allen of Stoke city
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    Yellow army!
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    Unless the appeal increased the ban for being frivolous etc.
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    Any chance we've also had the most red cards subsequently rescinded as well?
  14. Telegraph article alluded to above: (this is my one free article this month as I refuse to pay the *****)

    On Saturday, Watford will be playing in the FA Cup final for only the second time in the club’s 121-year history. It is some moment. One which, you might have thought, would be best remembered by harking back to that one previous appearance, when Graham Taylor’s young, ambitious side were defeated by Everton on 19 May 1984.

    But initially none of the team who played in that game were invited along by the club to join their official party in the return to Wembley. The link with history was quietly ignored.

    When Watford first made it to the final, the twelve players who stepped out at the old stadium back then were quietly told there was no room to squeeze them in. They were advised tickets would be made available that they could buy. But guests of honour? No, there were too many sponsors to accommodate.

    Neil Price, who runs the Watford Former Players Association and played as left back in the final 35 years ago, took up the opportunity to purchase a couple of tickets. A lifelong Watford fan, he wanted to be there, hoping to see Javi Gracia’s side overturn all the odds against Manchester City. But then these days he is a successful property developer; tickets at £115 a time are not beyond his resources.

    Some of his teammates, however, are less fortunate. George Reilly, for instance. The centre forward who scored the winner in the semi-final against Plymouth now works as a jobbing builder in Corby. He was recently diagnosed to be in the early grip of Alzheimer’s, a devastating legacy of his fearless, head-first approach to the game. He has other priorities than paying for a cup final ticket.

    Les Taylor, the man who captained the side that day and had Watford’s best chance, shooting just wide before Everton had scored, also found himself in the cold. Whatever the lack of respect shown by his former employer, Taylor is not one to make a fuss; he wasn’t about to lead any vociferous protests. He just planned to watch on television.

    But clearly someone had a word. When news of the snub leaked to the wider world Watford found some spare capacity. Reilly has this week been offered tickets. And rightly so. Sure, were Manchester City to invite along any surviving members of blues teams from any of their ten previous cup finals, things would get rather crowded in their official party. But for Watford, it is a different matter. The club has only been there once before. Reilly and his teammates are people who embody Hornet history.

    More to the point, they represented the club in a very different era. Back then they earned a bonus of £1500 each for getting to Wembley. Which these days is roughly the weekly car wash bill at the club’s training ground. These are people with none of the financial security enjoyed by today’s Premier League players.

    Now it seems the club has seen the error of its original decision to treat the old guard like an embarrassing uncle in the attic. Generously it has reversed its policy. It can only be the right thing to do. If nothing else, having a man in the party who, 35 years ago, came as close as any Watford player has before or since to securing silverware, will pay handsome dividends as a public relations gesture. As Reilly mingles with the club’s commercial partners how it will emphasise the link with the past, reinforce the idea of sustained values, demonstrate this is still a family club not a distant corporation. He also has some hilarious stories to tell.

    Football's living history is too easily discarded. With Reilly finally gifted his rightful prominence at Wembley here will be proper official recognition that there was football before the Premier League began.
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    Absolutely disgusted that the club were going to snub the 84 heros. The one thing our club should never forget is it's past and these 12 players have provided our greatest previous moment. True legends of our club !!!!
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    Yes agree Watford F.C. didn't happen overnight, the reason many support the club are because of Luther, Digger Barnes, Ross Jenkins, Tony Coton, Duncan Welbourne, Cliff Holton, Taffy Davies, Ron Rollitt need I go On!
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    So, the commentator on Saturday will say “ Holebas wasn’t even supposed to be on the the pitch today” after what passage of play?
    1. Holebas getting sent off
    2. Holebas conceding a penalty
    3. Holebas scoring!!
    4. Holebas scoring an OG
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    5. As the teams walk out on the pitch.
    and then again when he clears off the line
    and lastly when he smashes the winner in off the bar and post!

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