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    Hi everyone,

    I am asking, pleading in fact, for the support of every football player and supporter out there. I am a Committee Member of Berkhamsted Raiders that has teams in the West Herts and Watford Friendly Leagues. Unfortunately, the Club is basically outgrowing its available ground capacity (we have 250 boys and girls) and there is just nothing else available in the Berkhamsted area.. Our only option is to look for farmland that we can seek to ask to use for sporting purposes. We have identified one very small piece of land next to our current club and this would enable us to make two small-sided pitches for the 7-9 yr olds.
    The initial response from the planning department was to reject our bid. Thanks to some great work from various people this is now going to be discussed by the committee and gives us a once-only chance to change their minds.
    We have now been told that the date for our planning meeting is Nov 2nd.
    Nigel Gibbs , the planning officer in charge has apparently said there has been a lot of interest shown with this case especially since I have received the backing of our two local MP’s.
    However, the case could swing on public support. If you could spend two minutes to go to the online petition and give your support Berkhamsted Raiders and myself would be most grateful.

    Many thanks, Berko.

    Don't know who has seen this on the ficial boards but i thought i would paste it here so those wanting to add there weight to it could, I think it is a good idea and think that anything that can be done to help the local watford kids is a good thing and we should not let the damn beaurocrats stop it.
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    Great idea to post it here, thanks.

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