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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by Smudger, May 26, 2018.

  1. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Came up on Twitter that we have won just 3 of our last 18 games in this Tournament!

    Least the youngsters will be prepared for disappointment with the first team.

    Although we did well in Russia but the draw was rather kind to us.
  2. Ágætis Byrjun

    Ágætis Byrjun Reservist

    Watching Boothroyd with England reminded me of watching Ivic with Watford. Playing a style that doesn't fit the players available. McNeil is not a wing back for one, so why put him there?

    Not sure what the obsession of 3 at the back is all about. Just screams "don't lose" rather than "let's win" and you look very stupid when you end up losing 1-0.
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  3. The Russia draw was better than "rather kind". It's almost as though god (no, not that one) was playing a joke on us by giving us an easy route to the final on the occassion that we had a no-hope team just to show us how poor we were. Lost the 3 times we played a decent side and needed pens to get past Colombia.
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  4. Relegation Certs

    Relegation Certs Squad Player

    It never fails to blow my mind that boothroyd got, and has kept, that job.

    An utter charlatan.
  5. ForzaWatford

    ForzaWatford Squad Player

    Jobs for the boys
  6. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    How did even become one of the boys though!?
  7. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Was friends with Dan Ashworth who was the Director of football at the FA.
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  8. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

    Boothroyd now reminds me of someone who has entered a cult and has been brainwashed.
    I don't remember his speech being so stilted when he was with us.
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  9. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Of course they let a World Cup winning manager go to Swansea rather than try to keep him and maybe promote him.

    Or maybe it’s just the way football is now.

    Club comes over country even for managers.
  10. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

    I think the FA had run out of sturdy brown paper bags.
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  11. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    They have a history of keeping managers on after failed tournaments I feel.

    Sven (ok he did better than most but never really improved over time)
    Capello (Kept on after the 2010 World Cup only to leave after the John Terry row)
    Keegan (I know he quit later)
    Even our own GT some might argue given what happened in Euro 92 albeit in a tricky group and the World Cup failure was unfortunate.

    Guess they were hoping for the Bobby Robson affect where went go from losing all 3 games in the 1988 European Championships to World Cup semi finalists in 1990.

    In fact the FA don't seem to sack any managers apart from Big Sam and Glen Hoddle for his disabled comments .

    They'd wait for the manager to quit.

    For the Under 21s Stuart Pearce kept his job for along time and David Platt too I think.

    Note neither of them have gone on to be good club managers.
  12. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

    International management must be tricky with the lack of day to day involvement with the players.
    I would presume it is suited to either an older manager or someone with other areas of work,irons in the fire.
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  13. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Yes - I don’t think it appeals to many younger managers as you say .
  14. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Don't think it will be too long before Boothroyd leaves the job. Lots of unhappy noises in various places. Bursik whose grandad is a hero in Czechia is still available to them for selection at some point.

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