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  1. Burnsy

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    Troy’s least favourite manager - Mazzarri. We’ve done this.

    Any plans to move the family stand - No. current room for manoeuvre rules it out.


    Someone asked if we plan on having the annual drop in form - Troy said it’s February and we are 8th. Then asked the guys name and was very vocal in his answer. No one drops off for no reason. No one wants to earn less money. No one wants to be less than they can be. (Swore a bit and was visibly pissed off) Giraldi backed him up.

    My question! - Is Chalobah still suffering and were we considering a loan? - Giraldi said they consider him the best CM at the club but it was a weird injury and it’s a slow process. He is not fit and they are giving him game time where possible. But he’s technical and will benefit more from being with us than elsewhere. Considered key for next season and Nathaniel is very happy. But no, he’s not fit. Simple as that.

    Do the Pozzo’s still wish to run a multiple club system? - Scott, says it’s fluid but Watford are the primary objective if not a standalone project. But Brexit will shape things going forward.

    Will Troy continue to be outspoken? - Not bothered about a career in the media. Not an active dream but the requests come because of his nature. It will always be there. But he wants to play on. Best shape of his career, loves the club. 2 years left and then challenges Scott on making it longer. Scott is watching the Everton vs Man City game on his phone and doesn’t hear....not even kidding!

    How does Troy want to be remembered? - Records dont bother him. They’re nice but not the objective. 35 off goals would be nice to overtake Luther but knows Luther would text him straight away and congratulate.
  2. Burnsy

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    New badge - If we want it, it will happen. If we don’t, it won’t. Correspondence will go out in next couple of months to make process clear.

    Youth Prospects - Troy says he hates how every young player posts pictures in designer clothes and enjoying a lifestyle. If you haven’t played 20 games, you have no right. Thinks Cassidy could be the next one but he thought that about Dale Bennett he says! Highlights Luke O’Nien - says he was on so little that he basically wasn’t paid for his time - but he was there 8am-5pm and has to be told to go home. Says he wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the top of the English game if he gets the chances he deserves. Definite PL quality he says.
  3. Burnsy

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    Combating the amount of fan no-shows - Clubs says it needs to be told if you aren’t attending. And they will re-sell it and profits to charity. Fans say it may be more beneficial for the club to be vocal about and almost turn into a scheme.

    How ‘aware’ are we of being recognised internationally? Scott answers. Very. But in a different way. Trying to tap into the market who find the top 6 borning. Says the club could easily make millions from going to far-flung places in pre-season - but there’s a lot of media commitments in doing so it doesn’t constitute a pre-season. The club go to Austria and play friendlies behind closed doors for a reason. To build unity and club cohesion. One fan stupidly says he’d love to build his summer holiday around Watford games and Troy just laughs. ‘Just have a nice holiday?’

    Last question - do the players and club know just how ‘important’ it is for the fans that we beat Everton? - Troy says the worst thing we can do is get in their back and gee them up. The motivation is already there to specifically beat them and full time will be the time to make it known. But ends on saying that every player knows it’s a different game of sorts. And training has been a positive because of it.
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    Cheers Burnsy.
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    Final thoughts:

    Troy came across better than I expected he would but was visibly upset by the question about his players giving up after Xmas. Referenced it a couple of time and admitted it pissed him off. Not afraid to swear that’s for sure.

    Giraldi also came across well, if not towing the ‘company line’ a bit. But showed that he is more on the ball with things than I’d previously thought. Gave great answers to questions about Chalobah and transfers.

    Disappointed by Scott. Delegated a lot of questions put directly to him to the fan liaison guy and MC. Whether he was annoyed about the venue etc I’m not sure but he just never seemed like he wanted to be there. And was quite disrespectful at times by clearly not listening to questions or looking at his phone a lot. May have been mitigating circumstances but was clear to everyone around me.

    JOB DONE. Signing out.
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    Fantastic updates Burnsy. Really appreciate the effort & detail of each post. Top job.
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    Thanks Burnsy - much appreciated
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    Hope someone got up and told him they were ******* sick of it.
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    Cheers Burnsy, some really interesting stuff. I thought Duxbury was normally ok at these events
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    Yes; when I saw him he definitely was.
    And thanks Burnsy.
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    Thanks, Burnsy.
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    Many thanks, Burnsy.

    Good stuff in regard to the Chalobah role.
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  14. RookeryDad

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    Being a bit Dan Maskell about these things, could someone help re Europa League qualification?

    Does 7th place qualify only if a top 6er wins the Cup?

    Isn’t it top 4 for CL & next 2 for Europa in the normal run of things?
  15. RookeryDad

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    Burnsy, any discussion about our (higher than usual) chances in the Cup this year? Any clues on selection policy?
  16. The Voice of Reason

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  17. miked2006

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    No question on red/ black shorts, or whether we need an anthem?
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    Fantatsic summary @Burnsy - thanks.
  19. Beekayess

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    Scott had previously referenced the changes we made for the Newcastle match. He was asked whether he anticipated us continuing to do this in the cup run. He said it was up to Javi, that Javi knows what he's doing, that Javi picks a team that he believes will win etc etc.

    Burnsy is right - Troy was really pissed at the guy who suggested that the players would be on the beach now.
  20. Burnsy

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    Scott made a point that Gracia really does believe in all the players abilities and isn’t just saying it for the media. The hardest part of his job he has stated is picking a matchday squad because he knows he’s leaving out 2 or 3 each week who deserve to be in there. So he has no issues at all with playing them in the cup.

    It wasn’t specifically mentioned in any answer but there was a few words in a few different answers that lead me to believe however that the PL is very much the focus for now. The cup is an added bonus.
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    Here's another article covering last night's chat, from The Hornet's Nest.

    Good to hear an update on the stadium. Plans to fill in the NW and SE corners with seating as well as hospitality areas. Wanting to make it 25,000. Not quite sure they will be able to add 4,500 in these areas though. At a later stage to extend the SEJ and GT stands to bring it up to 30,000. I think the numbers are a little wrong for the two stages. Filling in the two corners would only add around 1,500 I would say, so it will more likely increase to around 23,000 at first, then with increased capacity added to the two bigger stands, could make it 30,000. It's going to look pretty smart though and the correct capacity for an ambitious club of our size.

    I like the swerve with club dept. It's like saying, I have no debt personally, it's all in my wife's name. :D

    An interesting comment from Deeney. When asked about his favourite away ground, he said Everton is fantastic, apart from the manager. Probably all said in jest, but it's the first time I've heard him talk about Silva in a less than complimentary tone.

    I'm surprised nothing was asked about the ongoing FA investigation with Everton!!…...but here's a piece written in the WO that was published yesterday.

    No questions on the approach by Prolific Media Holdings either, which I found a little strange.
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    Excellent summary Burnsy,thank you.
    Pleased to read all of it but especially about the stadium and Chalobah.
  23. Burnsy

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    There was also a question I missed regarding loan players coming back - Answer was as vague as you would expect. They are doing well on loan and its no surprise. Some are doing very well - Cucho and Lukebakio mentioned specifically - but if the chance is that they come back and their path to regular football is still somewhat blocked, the club won't hesitate to send them out for another year.
  24. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    Your maths may well be correct but the specific numbers that were mentioned were definitely 25,000 with corners and then to 30,00. We shall see I guess!
  25. Jimmy Armchair

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    Worth pausing and realising what a fantastic club we support.

    Last night (as they often do) they put the Captain, the Chairman and the Technical Director in front of an audience of fans to answer questions.

    Any question at all. With proper satisfying answers.

    They travelled up to London to do this for London-based fans.

    They held the evening in a pub that served excellent beer.

    They laid on food.

    It was informal, open, honest, jovial, entertaining. Like an evening in the pub with mates.

    Staff from marketing, communications and commercial stayed chatting and drinking with fans until the pub closed.

    This isn’t news, but our club is hugely ambitious — yet keeps closely in touch with fans.

    Its community soul continues to shine through.

    Last night was, among other things, a brilliant night in the pub.

    We’re Premier League *and* we’re having a laugh.
  26. Hornet4ever

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    Burnsy,seems you have a career in waiting as the next Ollie Phillips. Thanks for all the info.

    Like all these things a lot of the answers will have truths/half truths & factor in a soupcon of bluster & club PR.

    For me the most pleasing aspect of all is the confirmation that JG is held in such high regard by both hierarchy & the players, signalling we'll have a manager in a reasonably stable position for a while. If you think about it, that in itself is probably one of the major achievements this season & going into the next.
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  27. Lloyd

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    I agree re Duxbury - he seemed distracted throughout. Maybe down to the shambolic start to the event.
  28. hornetboy1

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    I might be wrong here, but I would say there are probably no other Premier League clubs that would put on this type of event. In a pub, where anyone can walk in. Any question can be taken. It's an extremely brave thing to do, as it could easily go pear-shaped.

    However, the people on the head table are very good at fielding questions. Deeney is perfect for this type of venue. SD is a very smooth operator also. We've been lucky in the past too, as GT was a master at public speaking.

    As a club we do seem to be very secretive when it comes to day-to-day activities, but events like last night break down all barriers, that tend to build over time. It's a healthy thing to do and is very important to connect with fans in this way.

    It's clear to me, as a club, we do not have anything to hide, but we rather keep things in house. Could you imagine Mike Ashley doing this type of thing in a pub in Newcastle? :D
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  29. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    I would agree with all of that except the setting. To be fair, it sounds like the pub were told to be empty or it had been booked but the pub hadn't followed through with this. Which left the first half of proceedings a bit of a shambles. Music blaring and lots of people having a post-work pint in the background (as is their right). But it didn't make for a good Q&A. The second half of the event, this was sorted and the players were put in a much better place and it was better organised.
  30. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    Not Newcastle related but didn’t Ashley hold his sports direct board meeting in a pub in Newcastle during which he vomited into a fireplace?
  31. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Like I said, it was a brave thing to do and could have easily gone wrong. Sounds like it was a bit shambolic at the beginning, but got sorted out as it went along. The fact they were comfortable in doing this in the first place, at a pub in London, speaks volumes.
  32. Hornet4ever

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    Read on twitter Bazini was supposed to be in attendance last night, but cancelled 10 minutes beforehand.
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  33. UEA_Hornet

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    The plans for the NW corner are already on the council's website. There's no way that corner is adding more than a few hundred extra seats, so I reckon even 1,500 for the two is optimistic.
  34. We hate 48

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    We know they will not give anything away that is not required by law such as filing company accounts but its misleading as the Holding Company might have the debt but it had (at June 17) in turn loaned money to the club and the club which owns the ground and the players contracts has pledged all these assets to secure the debt the holding company has.

    If the loan defaults then the assets of the club would have to be sold

    Might be lost on non financial orientated fans and media but it just isnt accurate or fair to say it in that way IMHO
  35. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

    Yet Sean Dyche thinks we've lost our identity. Maybe he is a little more bitter about being sacked than I thought

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