Any runners on here; advice needed.

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    Running bump....

    Back in March I asked for running shoe recommendations and ordered from sweatshop. I never followed up. The running shoes that we ordered turned up and were absolutely nothing like those we ordered. So back they went and we carried on with our current footwear. Roll on to this morning and a little 5K saw my Asics literally fall apart, (I have been hammering them this month). OK, time to go through more pain and try and find some decent running shoes at a decent price online.

    Mrs Diamond said to me "try Next online, they're supposed to do some good stuff". Once I stopped laughing I tried their site to keep her happy. It was a revelation. A good site where the filters work, excellent range of running gear at very good prices.
    We both ordered a couple of pairs, the ones we don't like go back for a refund. I highly recommend it.

    Still miss park run.
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    Sweatshop used to be great but then became part of the Mike Ashley world and so service levels went to pot and they started answering every question with “karrimor”.

    I’ve struggled with running this year. I’m one of those who needs to be training for something and I had seven half marathons booked or planned for this year. With those all being cancelled I’ve struggled getting out. I cannot wait for events to be back on again.
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