An early Christmas present from all at Everton

Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by Optimistichornet, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Diamond

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    That result has made my day, I'm so bloody happy right now.
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  2. onion8837

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    Highly amusing result and highly amusing reading their forum. Good day all round
  3. vic-rijrode

    vic-rijrode First Year Pro

    Just one example:

    "We had 5 international defenders playing today and an England goalkeeper and can't defend against millwall? Serious questions must be answered by Silva, or save us all that rubbish he talks and just quit and go manage in the Portugal or Greek leagues that his level."

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  4. NathWFC

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    He's got to be on the verge of getting the boot. Excellent.
  5. kVA

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    People are actually happier about Everton losing than Watford winning.

  6. Keighley

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    Quite understandable. Our victory hinders our chances of getting our highest ever PL finish. Who wouldn’t prefer that?
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  7. W4BS

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    Its so f*cking obvious, Hull City fans know it, we know it, Everton fans are getting the gist of it, and even Neil Harris worked it out. Marco Silva cannot organise a defence to save his life, and by God and sonny Jesus it is wonderful to watch when he is managing Everton.
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  8. Optimistichornet

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    It is absolutely hilarious just watching everton implode at the moment. I see it now, we win the cup and finish 7th. everton relegated on last day of season. :)
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  9. Cthulhu

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    Where is Reids we owe him a pint
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  10. Markoa$

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    This is comedy goal. As if the deluded lot can’t make you split your sides enough, one of them posts a poll of who they want as next manager. 3 out of the 4 wouldn’t go near that shambles of a club and Moyes is the other. The delusion amongst Everton fans is of the highest order, I’m actually lost for words.
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  11. Arakel

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    It was actually our very own @reids .
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  12. Arakel

    Arakel First Team

    I think Wagner would probably take it, to be quite honest.
  13. Harefield Yellow

    Harefield Yellow Academy Graduate

    I know the Champ. table doesn't make too great reading for Millwall at the moment, but I think Neil Harris has done a great job down there. Had a rebuild job to do when they were in League 1, brought a lot of younger players through, 6th round of Cup and promotion two years ago, and a whisker away from play-offs last year. Good luck to him.
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  14. CaveManHornet

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  15. sdc_watford

    sdc_watford First Year Pro

    Love the comment from @ZaneNeutron
  16. pcwfc

    pcwfc Academy Graduate

    And what about Richarlison?
    Yes he’s undoubtedly a good player, but it seems a carbon copy of last season. Off to a flyer then losing it. I know he scored yesterday but what the fcuk was he trying to do dribbling the ball in his own half in 94th min?
    As for silva- a 100% fraud who has been found out

  17. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    I only hope they don't sack him before our match. They have Huddersfield away and Wolves at home before then. If they fail to win one of those I think he'll be gone. I did predict he'd be gone before we played Everton at home earlier in the season, but I would like us to be the side that beat Everton and they sack him in the morning after. That would be sweet.
  18. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    Everton lose again?

    In this moment, I prefer not to speak....
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  19. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    I just don’t think they’d sack him if they lost to us, purely from a negative publicity standpoint for their club. When they get thumped by City on the 23rd though? He’s a goner.
  20. bedmond_hornet

    bedmond_hornet First Year Pro

    Will probably sack him after our game when we stick 3 past them. Their chairman will have a private word with Gracia after the game.
    We will slip down the league not winning a game for the rest of the season.
  21. Sahorn

    Sahorn Reservist

    Great post from Millwall fan on Everton’s grandoldteam forum, and response by Everton fan.
    I know I shouldn’t, but I’m loving this, in this moment :D

    Millwall - Behind Enemy Lines

    Been taking an interest in your Forum since the 4th Round draw was made. As usual with all Prem teams most of you just assumed you would turn up and roll over us. Slagging us off as a football club and our fans who according to you are all all talk and no do.

    Well how did that work out for you today?

    Frankly, to tell you what you probably already know - that was genuinely the easiest game we have had all season. Lookman, Tosun when he came on and Coleman who is honest as the day is long apart - your premier league poseurs have no heart, no fight, and no pride whatsoever in your club badge - they don't care about Everton FC and they dont give a toss about you the fans. £50M players? My god - our entire team cost anout £1.8M in total and I think we overpaid! How can you relate to those charlatans? How can you feel that these totally disconnected mercenaries really represent you and your proud community? Absolutely shameful and even though you may hate us and look down on us - our beloved Millwall are everything we want them to be - the football club, the players who represent our football club and our fiercely loyal and proud fans on the pitch, and our fans. We are real people with a real traditional football club which remains completely in sync and as one with our fans (they know they have to represent us on the pitch and what we expect and demand of them or we get em out very quickly) - and what we are is enough for us and we wouldn't change a thing. We are happy with our club, our manager, our style of play, our passion, our uniqueness, our fans and the honest effort and heart our players put into their game - and we can relate to them coz they are an extension of us. And we are happy we are through to the 5th Round of the FA Cup with the easiest win we have had all season. Your players just take your money and give you nothing back - they don't care about Everton FC.

    We knew we would beat you today coz you have not fight and no heart. Must be honest we are a little disappointed as we wanted to come visit you in numbers to say hi for the replay and knock you out in your own manor [​IMG] c'est la vie! (or should I say que sera sera!)

    I hope the few fans of yours that travelled get back safely. See you again sometime. Millwall K2K bush, bush, bush x


    Great post mate. I have always had massive respect for your club and identity. There are big similarities between Millwall and Everton. Hardcore working class support for a team surrounded by more successful neighbours.

    The atmopshere today was the best I can remember in any game I have attended in years. We may have got the best of it outside (as usual) but your boys were banked up in the corners of the ground by our support. Just like the old days. You had to hve heart and spirit as a player and fan.

    Your spot on with your assessment of out team and manager. Our fans turn up in massive numbers to watch utter shhyte week after week because the `club' and its history means so much to us.

    As for the current squad and management team - if i never heard one word about them ever again and they all just disappeared I would be over the moon.

    Schadenfreude:D:D :)
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  22. kVA

    kVA Reservist

    So, who won the pre-match fighting outside the ground? I can’t make it out.
  23. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

  24. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    The line Our fans turn up in massive numbers to watch utter shhyte week after week because the `club' and its history means so much to us, could apply to Newcastle & Sunderland also.

    One of Everton's biggest problems is their delusion. It runs right through everything they do and it weighs clubs like this down. It doesn't matter who you are, you are only as good as your owner.

    Everton could have 1 billion fans in a stadium the size of the Mersey, but they still would not improve. The owner has to have big money and football intelligence. If Torquay had an owner like this, then they would be winning the Champions League.

    Everton's owner appears to be wealthy, but is as thick as two short planks when it comes to football intelligence. It's widely acknowledged within the game, that Everton are the biggest mugs out there right now. They will overpay every time and agents know this.

    You can throw as much money at something as you like, but if you are not smart it means nothing. You'll only ever end up being ripped off and will achieve very little. Fans of these clubs think that they have a divine right to be successful, just because of who they are, and this is a big mistake. It creates unrealistic expectation which cannot be delivered.

    Take a club, like Watford, who have pretty low expectations. You can achieve so much more with a club like this, if you're smart. I consider the Pozzo's in the top 10% of world football, when it comes to being smart. No way should a club of such modest means be where they are. The owners are only modestly wealthy, and quite poor in comparison to other Premier League clubs. Too many club chase the dream and will burn themselves out in doing so.

    Watford are different. They make small increments of improvement, and it almost goes unnoticed. But this can be measured. Never, certainly in my memory, could Watford change a complete XI and win a match at a place like Newcastle. We've done it at Reading, Spurs, Woking, Newcastle, and have won 3 and drew 1. That tells me there is a consistency and big improvement in squad and the coach training them.

    I do find it a little frustrating that we are constantly overlooked or treated with contempt by so many outside of our own fanbase, but I guess it's a strength. The stupid will continue to be stupid, while the smart will progress and achieve things well beyond their natural scope.
  25. Sahorn

    Sahorn Reservist

    Agree with this especially last para, and the point there is that no one WANTS to understand our little provincial family football club. It’s not in their interests to do so.

    The big 6 and BIG clubs are the darlings of the media, they are waxing about Wolves and just pray the likes of Villa, Sunderland, Leeds etc come back. (Muff an exception but only cos of the golden boy future England manager - that will change when he moves on).

    But you’re right it IS a strength for us.
    We will always be underestimated and being under the radar is the best place to be with no added pressure.

    We’re slowly improving, incrementally, imperceptibly, and the music to our ears should be the “how the f&ck do they do it?” type comments from the thick commentators and pundits who genuinely haven’t a clue how we are boxing above our weight.
    The future is bright and the future is yellow..

    The only dubious comment is Torquay winning the Champions League - steady on :D
  26. Moosegasm

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    Saturday Feb 9th. The Serpent's Cup 2nd leg (1st leg 2-2).
  27. RookeryDad

    RookeryDad Squad Player

    Gray & King in his corner.

    Weird yet wonderful that leafy W Herts has the real hard cases.
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  28. RookeryDad

    RookeryDad Squad Player

    Well said.

    Small increments but only after Pozzo had thrown the kitchen sink at getting into the Prem asap.

    The Pozzo strategy in 12-13 was revolutionary. Napoleonic in its vision & ambition. Creating a loan based approach to arbitrage Serie A & the Champo. Barring the Poleonic assault on Bond, it would worked first time.

    With his feral cunning married to intellectual horsepower, Gino must pretty high up in that top decile of owners. Close behind his father.
  29. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    Very few journalists understand how our owners operate the model. Even fewer pundits do.
  30. onion8837

    onion8837 Reservist

    And none of them try to find out
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  31. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    Silva has threatened to resign if Everton sell Gueye according to French media.

    You literally can’t make this guy up.
  32. King Dev

    King Dev Squad Player

    Win win for Everton, can essentially add the £m saved it would cost to sack that Madeira slurping fraud to Gueyes fee
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  33. Ray Knight

    Ray Knight First Year Pro

    Yes...being reported by Fot Mob as well. This could go to the wire as PSG are desperate for a midfielder and have Gueye in the cross-hairs. Silva walking away from Everton without a pay-off? But keeping Doucoure and seeing the end of Silva before we play Everton would be classic!
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  34. Daft Row

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  35. Luther Bassett

    Luther Bassett Reservist

    Top marks for Napoleonic/ Poleonic

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