American visits Scotland; Makes a few kills, departs

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  2. The fact that she is encouraging others to come over with their guns and camouflage gear is upsetting others too - especially those who enjoy the free to roam rights and don't particularly want Bimbo and Rambo blasting the hell out of them whilst they're enjoying those rights.

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  3. Diamond

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    I don't have a problem with this particular hunting story as the species is apparently invasive and non native and not in any way going to be made extinct. What does grate my gears is the posing with the dead animals afterwards. It's like an adult team beating an under 9's team 55-0 and then mocking them.
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  4. a19tgg

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    I do have a problem with human beings killing animals for fun. How anybody can get enjoyment from killing a defenceless animal is beyond me. There is no ‘sport’ the animal litteraly stands no chance at all, it doesn’t even know it’s taking part and that it’s going to be killed by a human being with a lethal weapon. I could understand it a little bit more if these people who get perverse enjoyment out of killing an animal tried to do so using only their bare hands, that would be more of a challenge for them, more even (even through the animal would have no interest in trying to kill the human and just wants to go about its business of staying alive) and more of a ‘sport’ but shooting an animal with a gun and getting enjoyment out of it is some sort of mental perversion if you ask me.
  5. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    I suppose if they killed it cleanly and quickly, I don't really have that much of a problem with it. Humans are always killing animals.

    I eat meat. Sometimes goat curry. Is it a worse death for the animal than the slaughterhouse? Is it worse to pose with the corpse than it is to take a selfie of yourself eating a beef steak?

    My biggest problem with the hunters is the stupid pheasants they breed by the thousand and which give you heart attacks hopping out of the hedge in front of your car round country lanes.
  6. Maninblack

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    The only acceptable trophy hunting is the hunting of trophy hunters, all of whom should be unarmed and in their natural habitats minding their own business.
  7. Moose

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    Writes a human being. :)
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    Industrial farming is pretty obscene and I wouldn’t defend one against the other. No doubt these wild goats enjoyed more of a true goaty lifestyle than intensively reared animals of other sorts, before they were casually dispatched by brave life-affirming huntress.

    But if animals die all the time and our gratification is the only marker, why do we care about animal cruelty? I think we do because we know that lack of empathy is easily translated to humans. Wanton killers who glory in their dominance of other life are not good people. I really wonder about the mindset of people who pose gleefully over creatures they dispatched for no other reason than target practice. It’s the sport of vain Yankees and middle eastern multi billionaires. What’s not to hate?
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  9. Bwood_Horn

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    Sorry I enjoy hunting and it's, without doubt, one of the most emotionally satisfying and rewarding things I do. It's an extremely primal feeling to literally "produce" something for the plate. I am extremely proud of the fact I've taught all of my kids where their "food" actually comes from and what "meat" actually is.

    Back to the story - an awful lot of it doesn't quite "add up". The law about hunting "large mammals" with firearms (not shotguns which is illegal) is extremely strict (firearms are only allowed to be used under tight conditions namely - exactly who, where and why you've got one and are going to use it - plus you have to show that you are a "good/humane" shot and have certification that you "know" what to do with the animals' carcasses*) and is rigorously enforced - especially so in Jockland (since Dunblane and the present SNP are very anti "shooting estates" - something I incidently have some sympathy with) - I notice that the article states that she was invited onto the land of such and such (she didn't pay) and that she was looking forward to eating the deer that evening which I can only assume judging by the age/size of the stag and lacking any "hanging" would have has the consistency of a large solid piece of leather regardless of the cooking method.

    The extremely good/posed photographs in the beeb article show her "wearing" a couple of different very high-end "stealth suits" (extremely waterproof, breathable, non-shiney and "non-rustle" - aka silent) I would expect anyone who takes hunting seriously to have one of these in multi-cam patterns but not two - also the matching caps is setting off my spidey sense as that's a bit "full kit wakner". Plus in the US for hunting they should have prominent orange "hi-vis safety" patches on them the "suits" they're wearing (with the prominently displayed digi-cam and badges) would be illegal in the US*. And they're not wearing / carrying any PPE (ear defenders) which is illegal in the UK. PS turning up to an organised estate shooting event wearing anything other than tweeds is unheard of and a big social no, no.

    Also from what I've seen of "people" doing this sort of shooting - their "trophy photos" would have them holding their weapon(s) - where are they?

    Also the article "states" that she is a TV show host - the only evidence of which 10 secs of googling could find was a youtube channel (something I didn't click on) - I can only assume that the "story" is a PR stunt for her "channel".

    *This is a bit out of my comfort zone as I only shoot "vermin" with shotguns on local farms.
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  10. sydney_horn

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    Like anyone who eats meat, I cannot criticise anyone that kills animals for food. In the right circumstances I know I could do it too.

    I can even understand the thrill of the hunt.

    But what I find extremely uncomfortable is the idea that someone could actually enjoy killing. And then pose with the dead animal as though it is something we should celebrate with them.
  11. Moose

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    ...Get your father’s gun and shoot some...

    Incidentally, my dad did have a gun in the cupboard, which was good for tin can practice, but I wasn’t allowed to take it to home games :(
  12. I am totally against trophy hunting, its a sick practice and disgusting Scottish law allows this. Maybe Jimmy Crankie can devote her efforts to stopping it.

    It has nothing to do with food, pest control or euthanasia, it is pure greed on the part of the land owner helping psychopathic Americans follow their hobby.

    C***s and w*****s the lot of them. I'd happily stove her face in with a brick.
  13. PhilippineOrn

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    Agreed. A bit of one on one hand to hoof combat is much fairer. Now that I could call a sport.
  14. 'Apparently' because the BBC say so? The term 'non-native' basically means introduced by humans. Given that Britain became an island 'only' around 8,000 years ago, and that feral goats have been here for around 10,000 years, it's entirely plausible that they got here under their own steam, in much the same way as humans did. I prefer to think that they are more native, and less invasive, than a 33 year-old American who has visited these shores for a very short time, laden with her high-powered rifles and crossbows.
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  15. Moose

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    Am I grasping this correctly that this stupid ****’s wife carried on filming? I couldn’t be sure over the commentary of cerf frappe violemment.

    **** him, his wife and family. Go deer and speak of your ways to your UK cousins in Woburn.
  16. a19tgg

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    Are you aware it’s 2018? We are no longer cavemen and have no need to get our kicks and satisfaction from killing animals. Who is to say cavemen actually got any enjoyment from it? It was just a means of keeping themselves alive after all.

    Thankfully I’ve evolved with most of the rest of the human race and would get absolutely no enjoyment from killing a defenceless animal. Do you still drive to work by peddling your feet through a little hole in the bottom of your car like the flintstones?
  17. RookeryDad

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    Clearly a pr performance.

    Shame on the BBC for using it as clickbait.

    Btw, on a more pleasing, vegetarian theme, yesterday I visited the cheese caves of Brooklyn. On some nondescript Bob Hoskyns style industrial estate which seem so natural in the US.

    About 20 different cheeses from France, Switzerland & more locally being matured on site.

    I’ve asked them to experiment using my product.

    Should get initial results by Palarse A.

    I’ll post a pic of me posing by a great wheel of cheese looking like a Hornet Rambo.
  18. Bwood_Horn

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    Conflating "...killing something for a laugh..." and "...killing something and eating it..." is a very easy mistake to make.
  19. Smudger

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    They have been around for a couple of thousand years at least and settled in ecological terms. You can regard rabbits and hares as an invasive species as well since they did not cross to Britain when the the forerunner of the North Sea inundated Doggerland and created the channel sweeping away the chalk formations there. They were brought by the Romans. Generally invasive species that are a problem are parasites, fungal diseases and carnivores that native species are not adapted for.

    In this case I find this womans actions utterly deplorable. There is unfortunately thanks once again to humans destroying the native apex predators there for culling but there should be no glorification of the event. This woman is a barbarian. It probably gives her the most abhorrent adrenaline rush. I also find it as was mentioned in the wake of the Storyville documentary on big game hunting, disgusting to see people hunting antelope, elephants and the like to raise money for conservation. If these people were indeed genuine they would give the money without any need to resort to hunting those same species and in the case of elephants is even more appalling as they are sentient creatures.

    Then they complain that these animals need to be culled because of the pressure they exert on the environment. All animal species barring one has it's numbers limited by the carrying capacity of an environment. Humans are responsible for the predicament of these creatures by destroying habitat, fracturing it and then still moaning about the animals left. Even the so called wonderful indigenes that reside now in Australia and North America that were supposed to be in touch with the natural world were also responsible for the extinction of a large amount of the fauna in North America and the unique megafauna in South America and Australia.

    I agree to an extent with Borehamwood about those that hunt to survive and do live in balance with nature. For example the Namibian bushmen who can run for miles and miles after they poison their prey. They make full use of every part of the animal and then bless (as an atheist it seems strange) the creatures spirit. But they do show respect to the animal. Something this obnoxious excuse for a human being obviously does not. And yet again this year we are still (being a former BTO member) experiencing the poisoning and shooting of raptors notably on grouse moors so idiots with guns and nothing better to do can kill hundreds of grouse and pheasants. It's a pity they cannot shoot themselves.

    And a pity this herd of elephants did not catch up to this pair. They seem to find it incredibly amusing at the end after putting to an end the life of a thinking living creature with memories and feelings.
  20. Moose

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    Fortunately Bwood Horn couldn’t eat a whole elephant and so doesn’t stalk them in his locale.
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  21. Bwood_Horn

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    If anyone's interested, the Foragers (AKA The Veralum Arms) are hosting an event:
  22. Stevohorn

    Stevohorn Watching Grass Grow

    I take someone shot Richard's spotted **** and posed for photo's with it afterwards?
  23. sydney_horn

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    They shouldn't eat the poor animal's cob nuts. Have some respect FFS.
  24. Caeser Cigar

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    Real men carry bolt cutters, not rifles.

    It's a fine line between sport shooting and countryside management. I am in favour of controlling numbers, quality of the breeding stock through licensed hunting. Glorification of killing or guns should be a sign of unsuitability to be involved in this delicate countryside management issue.

    A friend recently caught a three foot salmon in a local river, part of a fishing club that is monitored and has permission to fish. He returned the specimen to the river to continue its journey to spawn the next generation. After discussion he accepts the Scottish governments position of catch and release as he hadn't caught a fish like that for almost ten years!

    A colleague that regularly hunts deer/roe/Buck (season dependent) has given me comfort that many participate in the manner that he does. Early starts, hours waiting, ensuring the kill is of the right age/sex/health and he always checks their teeth (at range) before shooting. Ex military with a strong moral compass and has never shown me a picture of his kills, never shown me any of his weapons and respects the animals by producing pies, sausages and cuts for roasting. Scrutiny of anyone involved in managing your land should be a legal responsibility of the land owner. Strict and severe punishment for uncompassionate and unnecessary hunting.
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  25. Bwood_Horn

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    Bumpity bump.

    For some friends' anniversary present I bought them two tickets (late June/early July) for one of "The Foragers" (AKA Veralum Arms) 'Forage and Feast' events. They really enjoyed it (they made a real weekend of it staying at the big hotel in Redbourn) and said the would definitely do it (oooooooooooh errrrrrrrr) again BUT an earlier/later one with the chance of 'getting' some fungi.

    Just mentioning this as I'm on their emailing list and the new season's bookings are being taken.
  26. Jumbolina

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    Isn't foraging getting leaves and vegtables and herbs and whatnot?
  27. PhilippineOrn

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    Gatherers always confused me, as in hunter gatherers. Hunters is very clear here and certainly I understand the concept of gathering but what the heck is being gathered in this sense?
  28. If you gather some stinging nettles you can make nettle tea.

    If people had done that 500 years ago instead of invading India and stealing their tea, a whole industry would have developed around British stinging nettles tea. We’d all save a few bob on buying tea leaves because the fcuking things grow for free everywhere.
  29. Moose

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    Will the proletariat be there?
  30. PhilippineOrn

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    That's picking. You pick leaves, no one gathers them.
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