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Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by Fitz, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    It's all about Big Ben right now. The guy is one fire. Baltimore in Pittsburgh last night was a really great game to watch. Both sets of players were fired up big time. It was a good old-fashioned slobberknocker.
  2. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    I'm delirious. Just seen that Bears v. Pack is on Channel 4 on Sunday night. Great, as if it wasn't bad enough playing them at this stage of the season, now it's available to a much wider audience in this country. FML.
  3. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    If you are home from work early enough you'll also get to see them slaughtered by the Lions on Thanksgiving in a few weeks. 5:30 pm kick-off - all over as a contest by 6:00 pm . What Joy
  4. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    Am I glad I stayed up for that nonsense. So much eurgh. First time since 1934 that Chicago have given up over 50 points in two consecutive games I read earlier.

    At this rate, the season will be a success in my eyes if we get overall number one next year and therefore Marcus Mariota. Despite Jay's massive contract, Emery has to be planning for this eventuality now. Realistically, I think Bears will get number 5 overall, and then hopefully trade aggressively up get him.

  5. sonofben

    sonofben Reservist

    What a game last night. If the Defense and special teams plays like that game in and game out, it doesn't matter who our QB is.
  6. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    Good effort in staying up to watch it. No way would I have got past the 1st quarter let alone waited around for the 2nd half with them 42-0 down.

    I'm sure it won't be the last time this season "rout" is used to describe an abject performance.

    For a team that had play-off aspirations they are now battling real losers like Jacksonville, Oakland and Tampa Bay for the no. 1 pick.

    I can only imagine that as the draft is being moved to Chicago next year that they wanted to host it with a high pick so they could boo the selection early a la Jets fans !!!!
  7. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    Cheers NW, genuinely made me laugh the comments about the Draft.

    It is an absolutely incredible assassination of a team's expectations for the year. In Chicago corners of the web people are just apoplectic.
  8. nisman94

    nisman94 International Man of Mystery

    6 days ago, we looked like one of the best teams to get the 2 wild-card places in the AFC. Now our hopes have gone. We should've won against the Chiefs were it not for bleeding McKelvin not taking a knee and we clearly looked like we didn't get over that last night as we lost to the Fish. The Fish of all teams! I'd be happy if they didn't get the wild-card place at the end of the season but right now they look like they could very well do that.

    Oh well, the longest playoff drought continues for the team with the most loyal fan-base in the NFL.
  9. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    It could always be worse! A wildcard, such heady, heady days...
  10. nisman94

    nisman94 International Man of Mystery

    Worse than the longest play-off drought in NFL history? You sure bout that?
  11. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    yeah fair point, but in terms of just this season... But the offer still stands to trade records up to this point!
  12. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro


    Maybe it was the beginning of winter snapping them out of it, maybe it was Brandon Marshall telling it like it is. Whatever the reason(s) for today's much improved performance, it's great to watch a Bears win. Naturally, issues still remain - with regards to clock management, and fundamentals to do with blocking but that was an impressive showing.

    Cutler showed some passion which was great, despite costing 15 yards. Penalty reduction needs to be a big focus now.
  13. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    Focus needs to be on getting a transfer to the NFC South so they can make the playoffs.
  14. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    Watched quite a bit of this on redzone last night and Sanchez was dire. Rodgers on the other hand was (gritting teeth) sublime .

    Micah Hyde scored on a punt return- he still got it !!!!
  15. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    On the prediction league on ESPN, 99.18% of users have opted for a home win in the Jags @ Colts game. I bet the Jags win it now.
  16. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    Currently watching the Oregon vs. Colorado game - if Marcus Mariota doesn't go number one overall, NFL scouting is useless. He gets better every week. If he keeps up like this, his career rushing yards alone will be enough to get HoF status.
  17. nascot

    nascot First Team

    What. A. Catch.

  18. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    This guy is a real find. He has been making highlight reel catches all season but this is unbelievable.
  19. Evasive

    Evasive Requiescat in pace

    Yes that is outstanding. Not only a great catch but good positioning to get into the end zone afterwards.

    But I would like to see him do that on a cold tuesday night in Burnley.
  20. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    To be fair to the guy it was a cold Monday night in New York. But you're right he could never hack a glamour location like Yeovil .
  21. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    so then, Turkey Day games tomorrow. Absolutely must win game for Trestman & Co. if they want to have any sense of calm about this season. Simply cannot lose in Detroit.

    RGIII, ouch!
  22. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    I never really understood the hype about RGIII . In his rookie season when Kaepernick and Wilson also came to the fore and the "read option" became trendy it was a success because it was new (in the NFL). Once def coaches sat down and had watched plenty of tape then they could scheme for it. It doesn't take a coaching genius to say to your defence hit him hard when he runs with it and if he gets injured then so be it. Whilst Kaepernick and Wilson progressed and became solid, accurate passers that were a real mobile threat, RGIII became a weak, injury prone, indecisive QB in a system that had been found out.

    To me, benched for the back-up's back-up says they are on the lookout for RGIV (the 2015 edition) in April .
  23. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    I completely agree with your assessment of him as a player - the ouch was more from the viewpoint of "a personality like that won't appreciate this".

    I'm not even going to bother analysing Chicago anymore this season. What an odd set of results this weekend though.
  24. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet


    Nothing more needs to be said.
  25. nisman94

    nisman94 International Man of Mystery

    If any of you love to hate Manziel (which should be everyone), watch the highlights of the Bills-Browns game from when Manziel comes on. I'm not gonna ruin it, but it starts off bad and ends brilliantly
  26. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    So the Bears struggle to a 5-11 season. Depending on which "sauces" you believe - either everyone is out from the coaching staff (and Cutler); or nobody goes. Picking 7th in the draft, the holes are so big one draft will be next to useless. Matt Forte had a great year. Kyle Fuller showed some promise. That's about it.

    J.J. Watt, though!

    Watching this game between the cheeseheads and the lions is just superb. If it continues like this, will go down as an all-time great game. (I think the Pack will end up champs in Arizona).
  27. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    "That's what she said"
  28. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    Talk is that even GM Phil Emery could go. East Coast is just waking up on Black Monday so we'll see what carnage develops .

    For what its worth I think Trestman needs to be given another year but Tucker and the other assistants should be replaced. As for Cutler he is an OC killer and the biggest misery face in the NFL . Players might step up a little if they didn't have to deal with his moods on the sideline. Cut him, eat the 15.5 M cap hit and start again. You might as well have an average QB than a franchise QB that plays averagely.
  29. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    So Emery and Trestman took the bullets. I feel a little sorry for Marc - the problems weren't all of his making, but the numbers don't lie. Lovie was fired at 10-6 so I guess at 5-11 there is no leg to stand on.
    Spot on about Cutler, although I think the McCaskeys must have said the axe will fall on either Jay or Phil not both.

    Rex Ryan to the Bears? It doesn't make me feel repulsed straight away I guess. People basically want a Ditka figure, and I suppose he is in that mould. Oh and Mike Singletary, you are an absolute hero and a legend, but please don't apply for the HC position. The D at Halas Hall could use your help though!
  30. Rostrons Red Card

    Rostrons Red Card Reservist

    Is it even worth the other teams bothering?

    Just give the title to Seattle now.

    Wish we had their fight, spirit and skill.
  31. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    On the off-chance anyone here is a qualified NFL official - just how is it that Bryant reaching for the end zone is not a football move? #TheyWuzRobbed

    I can't see any team except the Hawks walking off with the trophy in Glendale come Feb 1st.
  32. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    God I hope someone beats Seattle before then. The city's a nice place, but as sports fans, they are completely insufferable.

    By the way, I did work with an NFL a referee, Dan Ferrell. Technically, he's an Umpire, standing behind the line of scrimmage, basically. On Tuesdays, we'd have a lunch time soccer game and afterwards, I'd run into him in the locker room after his daily treadmill sesh. We'd talk controversial calls and a bit of soccer since he'd picked up an interest over the years of doing NFL Europe games occasionally. I got to razz him about a couple of blown calls his team (they form referee/umpire teams and stick with them all season long) made from time to time. He was very honest in his few mea culpas, and his integrity seemed very high.

    I quit working there so I don't come across him anymore, but this is exactly the kind of thing I'd run past him.

    Basically, as I understand it, no one thinks that catch should NOT have counted, but unfortunately the way the rule is written, poorly as it were, the correct call was made in reversing the call of complete catch. It's stupid and everyone knows it.

    I would guess someone is sharpening their pencil on the rules committee as I type, but that won't help the Cowboys who were robbed on that play.

    In sum, screw Seattle.
  33. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

  34. LinsladeOrn

    LinsladeOrn First Year Pro

    I read that article earlier today - both teams seem to be bastions of sports hipsterdom. Unfortunately, the Hawks are a stupendous unit.

    I hope you're right Fitz - it baffles me how the rule has been left like that. I feel really let down by the NFL with that sort of thing, I love to hold up the NFL for its use of officiating crews and booth reviews and the like. But this?! This is nonsense!

    I've been watching the Hawks game today, and Kam Chancellor is ridiculous. I remember when Chicago had safeties...
  35. NW Orn

    NW Orn First Year Pro

    To be fair the NFL is probably the most progressive organisation when it comes to getting the rules right. To evaluate and amend rules as necessary each off season is something no other sport does. Just look at how long it took FIFA to get goal line technology into the rules.

    The current catch rule is quite methodical and I think the competition committee will look at it but won't make any major changes because it is fairly straight forward to call and is relatively objective regarding the ball hitting the ground . It's a bit like the old force-out rule which was scrapped because it was very subjective, now the player needs both feet in regardless and therefore it's easier to judge.

    Personally I hate the way they messed with the kickoff rules. I know the idea was to reduce injuries but it removed an exciting phase from the game and replaced it with the mundane. They might as well,just place the ball,on the 20 rather than go through the current kickoff charade.

    As for the Hawks, another Super Bowl this year may see them surpass the 85 Bears as the best defence ever. There is a good chance Rodgers and his dodgy calf gets eaten alive this weekend.

    Colts to upset Pats but get pounded by Hawks in the SB.

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