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    I'm going to Fabrezze through this thread to the end as it's all just got a bit Cillit.
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    I’ve been Windowleaning that way myself...
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    Can anyone confirm when and where the pre-season camp is. Watford Observer articles doesn't give location. I know the club don't like fans travelling to these games anymore but just in case I am free.....
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    They are going to the Apuseni Mountains this year. They will be arriving with a bump in the night on July 8th and they will be looking to really get their teeth into the training.

    They will be looking to draw first blood in the friendly vs local side Duckulans and hoping to drive a stake through the heart of Ajax in the final friendly on July 22nd.

    It'll be a Thriller for sure.
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    I’m certain there won’t be a single fan attending the pre-season tour friendlies, who wasn’t also waving their flag at Wembley until the bitter end.

    There will also be much anguish amongst the traveling faithful when Success fails to clap them at the end and Holebas nuts one of them.
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    Is Bundesliga equivlant now to Ligue 1 or 2 , I forget .
  10. Stevohorn

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    First game was Aylesbury United.. but yes we played Inter & Samp a short while after.

    Btw Ajax were our first ever overseas opponents in 1935 (lost 2-0) Our next game abroad wasnt until 1969.. vs Sliema Wanderers in Malta.
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  11. I think it may actually have been six weeks later when we lost 2-1 to Holland in Rotterdam - and didn't we beat Ajax 2-0 rather than lose 2-0?
  12. Stevohorn

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    Darn-it! Ive read it wrong. We did indeed beat Ajax 2-0.. and they were Dutch champs at the time.

    I was thinking club sides (though didnt say so) and i see we also beat "A Netherlands XI" in Holland in 1939.

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