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    WATFORD manager Aidy Boothroyd is happy to take on the role of underdog for Saturday's trip to the Emirates Stadium to take on Arsenal.
    Aidy Boothroyd
    Whilst maintaining that his Hornets team have 'a fighting chance of getting a result' on their maiden trip to Arsenal's new home, Aidy can barely wait for the match to come around.
    "Games against Arsenal show us that football is such a fantastic game", he said. "It's a privilege to be involved and I'm proud to be manager of this club.
    "We'll be the underdogs on Saturday but everybody loves an underdog.We are going there with a fighting chance of getting a result."
    The two clubs train alongside each other in London Colney but, despite the geographical proximity, they have been used to moving in different worlds.
    "It's a bit strange that our training grounds are so close", Aidy admitted. "We've had to move where we do our work a little bit so they can't hear us, not that they would be bothered about what we do!
    "It's funny that they are only over the fence but we don't tend to bother each other.Their balls don't tend to come over the hedge!"
    Aidy Boothroyd
    The trip to the Emirates gives Watford the opportunity to be the first ever visiting team to come away with three points, but the Hornets' boss isn't bothered abot the grand, new surroundings.
    "Playing at a new ground doesn't really make much difference", he explained. "The game is all about 11 v 11 on a big pitch.You need a game plan in place wherever you are so we'll go there to play the game, not the occasion."
    He has highlighted an area where Watford may have an advantage over Saturday's opponents - there have been just two Hornets (Ashley Young and Ben Foster) away on international duty this week.
    "Arsenal have an impressive squad but with the international matches this week, they have had a lot of players doing a fair bit of travelling.
    "I know they have got two players who have done 3500+ miles this week and others have been to Scandinavia, Russia and other places.
    "Obviously they also have a game in Kiev in the Champions League next Tuesday so overall, having so many internationals gives them a different kind of problem from what we have."
    The match will mark the 10th anniversary of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger taking over the north London club and Aidy was quick to pay tribute to the Frenchman.
    Aidy Boothroyd
    "I think Arsene Wenger is terrific.He's brought lots of great things to Arsenal and added lots of things to the game in this country.He's added his own brand and humour that all add to what is already a fantastic league.
    "Arsenal are a very attacking team.They will throw men forward and try to overload the opposition in their half of the pitch, they will pass, pass and pass and hynotise you with the ball.
    "They are happy to leave 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 at the back because they know they can rely on their athleticism to get them out of trouble."
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    Let's face it, at the moment any team that goes to the emirates can feel that they have as much chance as Arsenal, they clearly havent fully settled in there yet so i dont feel that there is such a thing as home field advantage there yet, and given they have 3 of their best players out with injury we haev a real chance.

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