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    Even if he had no legs, toes, torso, arms, he’d still be head and shoulders above everyone else in that division. We should all count ourselves lucky we got to see the great man in his prime week in week out (occasionally). A great shame we didn’t manage to get him when he was 24 for 4 more injury plagued but magic filled years.

    SWFC_FAN Academy Graduate

    Almen Abdi will go down as the worst signing in our history. You had our pants down. 4 million he cost us and he's been constantly injured. It's got to the stage where rumours are it's not just physical injuries, it's a mental problem.

    It all doesn't add up. We are constantly told he is 2 weeks away, he'll be playing for the development side to get some minutes and then we are told he's broken down again and he'll be out for a bit longer. It's so tedious to the point where you think something deeper is happening with him which can't be let out to the public.

    It's a real shame because he was a magician for you. And we are crying out for a player like he was. But it's just our luck we've wasted so much money on crocks and past it players in recent seasons.

    As for Pudil. Surprised we gave him a new contract. Legs have gone but gives his all and is reliable when needed.

    And Forestieri, still a brilliant brilliant player but we should have cashed in after that first season he had with us in my eyes. Suspensions and injuries are a recurring theme now with him. He was probably a 15m pound player in 2016, now we'd be lucky to get 5m in my opinion.
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    Even if he's had both legs amputated and is suffering from Alzheimer's he'd still be the best player in the Championship.
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    Really sorry to hear this. Historically, although we have several now, cultured midfielders have been very few and far between at Watford. That’s why Almen Abdi was such a revelation and so well-loved by us. It was pleasing to see him have a season in the Premier League before he left, because he was so instrumental in getting us there.
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    That sounds familiar - we have a medical team who seem to have the same sort of working system!

    Abdi was out for almost a season with us as well due to a foot injury but as said was a class apart when fit.

    I see even now FF gets accused of going down easily and winding people us including his own fans and players!
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  7. RookeryDad

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    For me, Abdi was the first sign that the Pozzos were going to make something happen.

    The classiest midfielder I’d seen at the Vic.

    Great shame his career seems to be petering out.
  8. Harrow Orn

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    Hoorah!!! It's not just who goes through this.
  9. Burnsy

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    I don't know whether to feel sorry for AA as things have obviously gone extremely west for him. Or angry because this SWFC fan is saying nasty things about him. I can't stand for that, even if true!
  10. Aberystwyth_Hornet

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    Anger, how dare Abdi be considered the worst signing ever. Their fans don't appreciate his genius
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    A truly sublime player to watch, a real shame it hasn't happened for him elsewhere. I was told he was distraught at being told by Watford that he could go elsewhere so it could very well be a mental thing. A shame, but I'm delighted we got a couple of seasons of pure magic out of him.
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    That's a big myth about FF diving. He genuinely gets kicked for 90 minutes because he's that annoying to play against. Currently out for a month with a hamstring injury. Sigh. With him we make the play offs, without him we are bottom half.
  13. SWFC_FAN

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    He scored one good goal against Forest away two years ago. I'll give him that.

    Probably count on one hand the amount of times I've seen him play. So couldn't really comment on his genius in a Wednesday shirt.
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    You paid 4 million and got to see Almen Abdi score a goal for you.

    That's a f**king bargain, stop complaining.

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