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    Good to see, and now admits that he wouldn't be doing his job as Captain if he hadn't returned to training, as I was suggesting a couple of weeks ago. Probably disappointed at the near silence from fellow players following his example.
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    Sounds like he and his wife were getting loads of flack about it online and in public as well:

    "Deeney has also revealed that his stance against returning sparked a flurry of vile insults wishing coronavirus on his son, while his wife was also targeted in the street by people saying the player should return to work. But Deeney’s fears have now been allayed by the Premier League and the Government’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan van Tam"

    Obviously those who have been calling out him and his wife on social media and in public have been out of order, but it's funny reading this quote of his below which echoes exactly what myself and others have been saying on here when it wasn't clear if he would return, only to be questioned on it by some of the doom-mongers on here:

    “I’m the captain of a Premier League football team. I’m not doing my job if I’m sitting back at home, saying to the players: ‘You win this game for me and I’m not doing anything’."

    It's perhaps also not a coincidence that this announcement has come just after the vote on going to phase 2 of the restart was passed unanimously, indicating that any attempt maybe plotted by Watford to put other clubs off through our public worrying has failed to work.
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  3. Just like a new signing.
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  4. In all seriousness, I'm sure he's come to the right decision but respect for being prepared to rethink and change his mind. Would have been very easy to be bloody-minded about it.
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    I agree. Common sense has prevailed here. I totally backed Deeney's stance, and mentioned before, that I am a little surprised more players didn't refuse to train.

    But it seems that the world in general wants to move on from Covid, even though nothing has changed. Head in sand approach is going to lead to another peak in the R number. It's bound to happen, then we'll be in a second full lockdown stage. People are beginning to return to normal things, so when attitudes change this is when the problems will resurface.

    Until there is a vaccine, no one is safe from recovering from the virus. Most will get it and it's affect is mild, but for some it's fatal as we've all seen.

    Football clubs are putting in place a lot of things that look good, but will only give a false sense of security. Even with all this lockdown, and extra measures there were still 4 players from 3 different clubs who tested positive from the 1008 players and staff tested in phase 3. It's a low number, but the number should be ZERO if all measures are being adhered to.

    Deeney has little choice but to return. He made his point and good on him for doing that, but others didn't follow.

    I still do not think the season will complete, but it will restart almost certainly. We'll play 2 or 3 games then the numbers will rise again and the country will be in full lockdown. The bottom three will go down once the season is cancelled. So it's absolutely vital we get good results in our 2 or 3 matches.....maybe even 1 game.

    Assuming they will start the fixtures from where we left off, our next four would be Leicester (a ), Burnley (a ), Southampton (a ) & Chelsea (a ). Seeing as we lose home advantage against Leicester and Southampton it will make these two games a lot harder. The level of difficulty doesn't really apply to the away games as Chelsea are decent on any patch of grass they play on. It's arguable we'll see a slight advantage from the Burnley game as that is an away game for them also.

    Put it this way, under normal circumstances, I would be expecting around 5 points from those 4 games. Now 3 or 4 at a push. This is why the integrity has gone, so has Watford's home advantage, which will hit us harder than any other club in the bottom six I suspect. Under Pearson we were very good at home, now that has been taken away and all games will be 'away' matches, it reduces our chances of picking up points dramatically. IMO of course.
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    Most likely faceless twitter trolls from across the world.
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    This hasn't happened in Germany.
  10. Keighley

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    Yes, but the Germans have competent politicians in charge.
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    Not exclusively. And the direction of the infection rate in the UK has been following a similar trend to Germany but a month behind. I see little reason why that should suddenly change.
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    I must have missed the announcement we will playing all our matches in Munich.
  13. hornetboy1

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    You say absolutely disgusting, which of course it is, but it’s normal.

    There are plenty of lowlife people in this world, and Twitter gives them an anonymous voice.

    It’s to be expected, predictable and the comments not original.

    All you can do is feel sorry for people that go around with such hatred in their heads. It’s these people that have the problem and somehow venting at someone else helps them feel better in that precise moment.
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    True. But the fact that it is considered normal now makes it even more disgusting in my mind.

    Social media and digital communication has revealed that there are a lot of sick individuals in our society.
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    People now moaning he managed to speak to the chief medical officer and "normal people" don't.

    Well maybe the club did it did for him then Troy spoke up.

    Got the Liverpool fans wound up as he said their title wouldn't be real or remembered.
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    I have not followed all of this closely, but why are all our games away? Do you mean away or saying all games are at a neutral venue?
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    I think it's more a sign of how much the government wants the Premier League to resume that it diverted the DMCO to speak to speak to people involved in football. I doubt the club were involved.
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    We should get away from saying ‘neutral’. If it’s not being played at Vicarage Road then it’s an away game as far as I’m concerned.

    However, I read that ALL clubs are against playing in away venues, so it’s unlikely to happen anyway.

    Now I’m reading there has been a proposal of a mix between ‘neutral’ and home fixtures, which sounds even more ridiculous.

    So we’ll up playing all our home games at another stadium and all our away games at the home ground of our opposition knowing our luck.
  19. nornironhorn

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    An away game normally suggests the team your are playing has home advantage.

    If it is at a neutral ground, no team has home advantage so neutral is very much different to away in that sense.
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    A wonderful day for the boo boys who can now criticise Deeney for the last 9 games of the season
  21. Takes the pressure off the others. He's got broad shoulders, well broad everything...
  22. lowerrous

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    It has just been announced that only six games will be played at neutral venues (with those chosen being due to police concerns). None of the games involve either ourselves or any of our relegation rivals.


    What were you saying again?
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  23. Happy bunny

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    Yes, but he wasn't speaking only for himself but for all footballers and BAME players in particular.
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  25. wfc4ever

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    If Success had been any good or Okaka been able to stay fit I do think Deeney would be used much less than he is.

    He might have even moved on by now?
  26. Knight GT

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    He isn't good enough anymore and just doesn't look like scoring but as I said in the Southampton thread, he does win some flick ons but we make no runs from midfield in behind the defence or looking for knockdowns. Having said that I would play Welbeck and pray he stays fit
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    Deeney isn't the problem. He is what he is. The problem is rampant negativity. For most of the matches since restart we have about half the player on the pitch "playing not to lose". Very few forward passes that are not hoofballs, very rarely turning players and driving into space, not closing space early and instead backing off, giving the opposition time to pick out a pass. It's been wrongly ascribed to lack of motivation or caring. It's clearly FEAR and lack of confidence. Troy at least play like he has a pair and cares.

    If we were a basketball team and I were coaching I'd send them out and tell them we're playing man-to-man defence and a full court press - just to make them get aggressive. That's a lot harder to do in football.
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    For the good of the club I genuinely hope this knee injury ends his playing career. It's the only way he'll leave.

    I'm sure I'll be told that's disgusting, but there is no doubt he will get his precious, lucrative media career that he is so desperate for, as well as rolling around in the millions he's already earned, so there will be little need to feel sorry for him.

    I do appreciate what he's done for the club in the past and I am grateful for it, but I prefer to live in the here and now and I cannot stand what he's become both as a player and as a complete media attention whore, and I want to see this club finally start moving forward. I cannot bare watching another season of Deeney being touted as our "main man" and starting every game, and he will as long as he is here.

    He is far, far from our only problem and there are others who are equally as bad on the pitch, but he has gone from talisman to poster boy for the mess our playing squad is in.
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  29. Relegation Certs

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    3 goals in 2 games. You can't argue with those stats. Extend his contract now.
  30. wfc4ever

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    Well we'll have to find another penalty taker ..

    From the lot that stay or aren't injured.
  31. simpleMASH

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    Fully agree. Although having said that, he was the only source of entertainment we got last night. It was hilarious watching him waddle in to the opposition box 10 minutes behind play every time.
  32. The famous Cromwell line 'you've sat here too long for any good you have done' comes to mind.

    He is and always will be a club legend, but to continue to have built the team around him now he's well into his 30s is beyond stupid.
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  33. Sort of OK

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    Been great for us in years gone by and will probably go down as legend status, certainly top 10 most goals (too lazy to check).

    However, been saying for a while now I genuinely think he is one of the problems when it comes to player power and downing tools for managers. Too big an influence. Needs to be gone for us to move forward.
  34. Smudger

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    Could not agree more Father Jack.​

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