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  1. It would slightly bizarre if clubs didn't insure against injuries, if it was career ending it would wipe out the player-asset who could be worth tens of millions £.
  2. Sure, but do they insure against an expensive player being unable to play for 6 months ??
  3. RS2

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    But then I think at the same time players like Sarr and Deulofeu would have been told when they signed that if we go down we'll listen to offers for them. I'm assuming clauses would have been put into contracts to protect the club, but for players like Deulofeu it would have been meaningless because he'd be one of the first out the door if we went down.
  4. Yes, so as I say, I doubt we will be able to sell or play GD which will create a hole in our finances esp if there's no relegation clause.
  5. No idea, but I’d be surprised if an asset isn’t insured in some way, perhaps covering wages for extended or career ending injuries. IP insurance you or I can buy protects against injury and inability to earn, so imagine there is something similar. I’d also be surprised if there isn’t PMI: he’ll not go NHS and top private medical scans, operation, and rehab will run into mega bucks.
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    During the financial crisis post Vialli, Graham Simpson said that at the time they could only afford player salary insurance on 3 players, so I guess it exists and I imagine that now the club have most first team players' salaries insured.
  7. So which players should the club deliberately injure so as to save on salaries ? Penaranda ? Holebas ?
  8. So am I right in thinking there is the bizarre possibility we might have Geri back before we play our next game?
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    Could be a great pub quiz question in years to come. If we still have pubs and years to come.
  10. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    Will his cruciate injury be declared null and void too?
  11. wfc4ever

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    Is he in the country?

    Be our luck he is stuck in Spain having gone home (the op was in Spain I think ?)
  12. lowerrous

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    From his twitter a few days ago, anyone hazard a guess which country it is?

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    You do get them in the UK. I know, but judging by that aircon unit on the wall, I think we can probably guess that he is in Spain.
  14. Looks like he's eating a leek. Llandudno ?
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  15. Leighton Buzzer

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    Looks like he's eating a spring onion to me, recon he's on his allotment, and that's his shed in the background.
  16. AndrewH63

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    I agree. That house definately has a touch of Bushey to me. Probably near Finch Lane

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