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    Just a small Sebastian Prodl interview with his former club Werder Bremen, I've translated as best I could:

    Sebastian Pr*dl has been under contract for one and a half years with FC Watford. He's enjoying his new life in the English capital and absords the experiences of the Premier League like a sponge. The SV Werder has never left Pr*dl behind. "It is always good to see the old faces of Werder and talk about Werder," says the central defender when WERDER.DE visits him in his new home in London-Hampstead.

    In a typical English pub not far from the apartment of Sebastian Pr*dl the Werder editors Dominik Kupilas and Felix Ilemann talked with the 29-year-old. In the first part of the interview the Austrian national player talks about the old times, his new life and minor start-up difficulties.

    WERDER.DE: Moin Sebastian, you have been playing in the Premier League for one and a half years. Who is harder, the league or Sebastian Pr*dl?

    Sebastian Pr*dl (laughs): "The Premier League is already very hard. It is a physically strong league, a lot of emphasis is placed on a physical game, the tacklings are more intense than in Germany and the game goes much faster back and forth. I do not want to say that the quality is better than the Bundesliga, but there is more to the point. "

    Sebastian Pr*dl has not forgotten the Werder fans despite a fantastic atmosphere in England

    WERDER.DE: There is also a lot of quality in the league - many big clubs and big names. Have you experienced any special moments?

    Sebastian Pr*dl: "There were some great games. We are a smaller club in the Premier League. This year, for example, we beat Manchester United, the first time in 30 years. And last year we won against Liverpool. These are great events for such a club as Watford FC. And, of course, last year's overall performance was a great achievement. These are absolute highlights for this club and for me personally. "

    WERDER.DE: Highlights are certainly the imposing stadia. What was the best thing about the mood?

    Sebastian Pr*dl: "The mood in Newcastle was really good. The club has unfortunately been relegated, but the atmosphere was outstanding. I would not have thought that before. Manchester United also has an incomparable stadium with absolute cult status. And also the newly built stadiums like the one from Manchester City or the Emirates Stadium of Arsenal are imposing. It is very special to be allowed to play there. "

    I always said I come from the 'German Giants'
    Sebastian Pr*dl
    WERDER.DE: Can the Weser Stadium keep up?

    Sebastian Pr*dl: "From the atmosphere at all events. In Germany there is a different fan culture. There is an attempt to get the atmosphere out of the ranks, while here it's with every play. The fans were always something special in Bremen, especially the cohesion between team and supporters. At Werder, I have experienced both the good times and the difficult times, and the positive fan support in Bremen is particularly noticeable in the bad times. "

    Sebastian Pr*dl feels comfortable in London, but misses Bremen and Werder

    WERDER.DE: The change from J*rgen Klopp to FC Liverpool has triggered a small Premier League hype in Germany. Could you feel this?

    Sebastian Pr*dl: "Yes, especially with me this has triggered something. I think it is excellent that German coaches are increasingly coming here, and J*rgen Klopp, who was very successful in Germany, is now leaving his mark here. He has remained faithful to his system and has now achieved success. It is, of course, also for players who switch from the Bundesliga to the Premier League a help, more appreciation. "

    WERDER.DE: That sounds as if the Bundesliga did not have too much importance here ...

    Sebastian Pr*dl: "It's getting better and better. When I was new, I had to tell some people where I came from - unfortunately. Since I always answered the 'German Giants' from Bremen (laughs). Those who know football in Germany know that Werder is a big club. But overall the football culture here is somewhat different. People prefer to look into their second, third, and fourth league and love their English football instead of pursuing other leagues. Of course they know all the big clubs, but interest is mainly in English football. "

    WERDER.DE: The last time we met in Bremen, meanwhile you are an established Londoner. How does it live in this metropolis?

    Sebastian Pr*dl: "It is a big difference to Bremen. There people were more open, the city much smaller. London is a typical metropolis, where a lot of people are living, networking is relatively easy when you get involved, but it is also more superficial. Living alone, ot's is great to live here, to get along with many cultures and to bring in your own culture. These are experiences I would not want to miss. Of course, I miss Bremen in its own way - not only the club but also the city and the people. But the step was a good one for me, both for personal development and football.

    "WERDER.DE: And the visit from home has increased?

    Sebastian Pr*dl:" I actually get more visitors. But I think it's more like the city of London, than the person Sebastian Pr*dl (laughs).

    "Sebastian Pr*dl is not just football professional but also city leader

    Sebastian Pr*dl:" Meanwhile, I am so far that I'm from the tourguide's home, I like to give the guests the program because I have seen some things very often, but I'm not a tourist hunter, but love to go to restaurants and districts where it does not So touristy, and get to know the English culture, so I send the people on their own trip and meet them later somewhere in the café or the pub.

    WERDER.DE: What spot do you particularly like to send your guests?

    Sebastian Pr*dl: "This is difficult, I like to be at our village here in Hampstead, or in Notting Hill, which are two areas that are more family oriented and not so crowded by tourists, but it's quieter and still feels big city flair

    WERDER.DE: Were there things you had to get used to here or did it run so well from the start?

    Sebastian Pr*dl: "There was a lot. I have imagined this with the move, for example, much easier. It was not easy for me to let go of Bremen, of the people who have almost become a family for me. But also the search for accommodation was extremely difficult here in London, we needed a very long time.

    WERDER.DE: What was the problem?

    Sebastian Pr*dl:" First of all, the interests here are different , That you want to feel comfortable, spaciousness and high quality of living.This is quite different here, it is about the number of rooms and not the size of the living room, but we have then found and arrived right now Very well and are hardened in the way of living culture (laughs). "

    Source http://www.werder.de/aktuell/news/profis/20162017/proedl-interview-teil-1-20122016/
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    Shoddy journalism. They met in a pub, but no details on how many pints he had or the rate of consumption?
  3. 3000

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    Did he throw up?
  4. Luther Bassett

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    Or whether he downed them in one and vomited.
  5. zztop

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    Thanks, Artvanderlay.
  6. Steve Leo Beleck

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    He definitely comes across as one of the most likeable, self-deprecating and intelligent members of our squad.

    Thanks for translating that, interesting read.
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    Wasnt overly convinced by him last season. Guilty of ball watching too often in the box. But this season he has been consistent 8/10.

    Makes me wonder about players like Berghuis and Doucoure and how they might have turned out of they had more of a chance to show what they ve got.
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    I hope it was the Holly Bush and not the William 4th.
  9. Relegation Certs

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    Seems like a nice guy. Good of him to patronise his old club like that
  10. Cassetti's Beard

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    Nah Prodl is hard as nails mate, necked 10 pints, won the darts, ate Deeney's kebab and was still the first to arrive at training the next day
  11. Cassetti's Beard

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    Doucoure is a legend mate
  12. Nnnn

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    Art's an architect by the way, and occasional importer & exporter
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    Which goal does he score ? Don't not know whether to cry or celebrate.
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    Taken off injured against Wales. Hope it's not our CB injury curse striking again.
  16. I Blame Bassett

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    Looked like a hamstring injury to me,was booked in that tackle too.
  17. Bwood_Horn

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    He's going to be a Watford legend but he's no MoJo.
  18. PowerJugs

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    Has signed a new contract as per Watty Twitter
  19. Burnsy

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    4yr deal. Can only be a good thing that the one truly class CB we have had signed up.
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    Hopefully he won't be out for 6 months with writers cramp.
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    Good news. Need him fit
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    Four year deal = gone in the January window.
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    Prodl changed nationality. Apparently.

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    Travelling to and from World Cup qualifying matches is gonna effect us then
  26. I Blame Bassett

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  27. Optimistichornet

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    Can you please come back and replace this imposter wearing your shirt on match days.

    What has happened to him :(
  28. Otter

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    At fault for the second goal. Was last to react to Gomes' spill.
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  29. Optimistichornet

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    He still hasn’t reacted....
  30. wfc4ever

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    Trying to react to the first ...
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    Been awful since return from injury. Completely off the pace and positionally all at sea
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    I was never a huge fan of Robert Page back in the day but he was a good leader at the back. This slacker is going to get us relegated. If we can replace him with a Robert Page esquire we might do better.
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    A while ago, most people wanted Britos banished from the club. Now - somehow - Prodl's current form has made us desperate to have Britos back fit and playing:confused:
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    Unfortunately he has a stubbed toe and is out injured for the next 17 years.
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