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    Second leg of the Libertadores final is suspended until 1015 GMT. Unfortunately some River hooligans attacked the Boca team bus with bricks en route to the Monumental. The police responded with tear gas. In the melee several Boca players apparently inhaled the tear gas and one apparently Pablo Perez has had glass removed from one of his eyes and cannot play.

    Boca insist four players are now unfit while seventy thousand River fans await expectantly in El Monumental. The Argentine president and former Boca president Maurizio Macri summoned both club presidents to get the game to go ahead. And FIFA with the nefarious Infantino have decreed that if Boca refuse to play the match will be awarded to River and Boca disqualified. And some are saying the attack was staged by Boca fans in disguise hoping to get River disqualified. The state of Argentine society and lawlessness you never know.

    It's an indictment of the state Argentina has gotten itself into and what should be a glorious showcase turn the country into a little bit of a laughing stock. Not to mention implications for the 2030 bid with Uruguay and Paraguay the first of which is the best and most stable country in South America.

    As for Bobby P he played a fluid role against Mexico and won several free kicks but was often wasteful with his passes and his nutmegs still end with the same result. He has not got the pace to get around the defender after turning him. I thought de Paul was superb (send him here Udinese) Lo Celso and Dybala when they came on as substitutes. Kannemann might be worth going for. Solid no nonsense central defender.

    Game is suspended with the sanction of FIFA to a later date. A complete and utter shambles. It would be best to wait for solid news to emerge about what has actually happened in the time to come because as usual antisocial media is filling up with lots of unsubstantiated rumours such as the Boca player with glass in his eye.

    Can you imagine this in the Champions League ?
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  2. oxhey67

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    Now due to take place tomorrow, 8pm UK time.
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    I see the source for that is a journalist. But given the competition isn't a FIFA one I can't see it has much basis in reality. Or at least, it has no force behind it. It's probably convenient for COMEBOL to shift the blame though.
  4. Smudger

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    Match postponed again until who knows when. What a sad state of affairs. This will not help the 2030 World Cup bid. Uruguay and Paraguay will be most upset.
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  5. Relegation Certs

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    He was **** again on Saturday
  6. wfc4ever

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    Never going to be played is it - in front of a crowd anyway .
  7. NathWFC

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    Who wasn't, really?
  8. Relegation Certs

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    I thought masina was alright
  9. NathWFC

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    Yeah, fair point. Hopefully he isn't dropped for absolutely no reason again...
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    I have a theory relating to Doucouré.

    A) I did the ‘hold for accent’ manoeuvre as instructed by PO

    B) I shall elucidate in the morning.
  11. Relegation Certs

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    Holebas will walk back into the team because Gracia is scared of him and is bullied by him.

    See Deeney for further details.
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    The Liverpool fans attacked the oppo CL coach recently.
  13. RookeryDad

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    Doucs strikes me as having a major loss of confidence. His body language was poor on Saturday & several times teammates tried to gee him up.

    Although he improved in the second half, his passing was wayward. Amongst other things, this causes a problem for Pereyra. Given his lack of pace, he needs to run onto the ball down the wing. The service from Doucs is straight to him, leaving him with a standing start. Often as not, Bobby P just passes the ball back.

    Given this rather static stuff, it was unfortunate that Delbot went off early.
  14. Here we go. Despite him having directly agreed terms with Everton and Ssssssilva, and had a tour of their facilities, it seems we are preventing him from joining them or even talking to them.
  15. hornetgags

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    We have our very own Mesut Ozil...great against average teams...anonymous against the bigger teams.
  16. WatfordTalk

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    Although has scored twice against Chelsea and once against Arsenal
  17. hornetgags

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    You're absolutely right, I guess the games against Spurs, Manure, Man City and Liverpool are all anomalies and Arsenal was 2 years ago...so the stats don't do your rebuttal any favours.
  18. WatfordTalk

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    Alright mate calm down! Was just pointing out that your statement was wrong is all
  19. hornetgags

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    Actually, statistically, my statement was correct, you seem to be bent out of shape because I criticised Perreyra, perhaps you should calm down.
  20. Relegation Certs

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    **** again yesterday.
  21. WatfordTalk

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    I don’t really care either way but if you think you can literally have your name on the scoresheet and still be anonymous then fair play each to their own
  22. wfc4ever

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    Well the Pozzos love a midfield and he is young...
  23. Otter

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    By the time the season ends Pereyra will only have 2 years remaining on his contract, so rumours about him moving on in the summer may have legs unless they get him to sign an extension.
  24. Relegation Certs

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    Turin or Watford. I can only imagine how many sleepless nights he'll have agonising over that decision.
  25. Hornet4ever

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    Of course they will cash in on him,. No question about it. That's what they do, selling players at their peak is the core business model & Watford is the vehicle used to facilitate that. Like that or not.
  26. hornetboy1

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    I guess the players have a bit of time on their hands?

  27. vic-rijrode

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    Wow, I would not have recognised Jose in that outfit.

    La Malaky indeed!
  28. RookeryDad

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    Seemingly, Gino did spend a bit of cash in the window.

    Hopefully, no nasty little rash.
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  29. RookeryDad

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    The Holebas couture range off to a stunning debut.
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  30. RookeryDad

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    Once Maxi is out of Intensive Care, the squad will have a good laugh about it.
  31. wfcmoog

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    Malaka means "w@nker" or similar in Greek.
  32. Relegation Certs

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  33. I Blame Bassett

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