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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by Michael Thomas, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Jezford

    Jezford Academy Graduate

    Gary Porter scored 47 goals in 400 appearances as a central midfielder, plus some other positions.
  2. a19tgg

    a19tgg Reservist

    Good post, although he is a DM, he can nutmeg at will and spray 30 yard balls all day long but once he's in front of goal it all goes pear shaped. Those two wild strikes against Spurs were terrible as well. I can only how and assume that once he gets a couple it will no longer be a problem for him.
  3. Nnnn

    Nnnn First Team

    Judging by the warm ups he has good shooting ability but not composure it would seem.
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  4. a19tgg

    a19tgg Reservist

    Definitely an issue of composure, he plays these lovely little passes in midfield were he draws the players leg then knocks it past them, he only has to do that against a keeper and the result is pretty much the same. For a midfielder its still Goals and assists that really get you noticed so he's probably desperate to start scoring a few.
  5. Oscar calling

    Oscar calling Squad Player

    Tony Currie
  6. I am Devon White

    I am Devon White Academy Graduate

  7. nairobi hornet

    nairobi hornet Reservist

    Now this really did make me laugh out loud, wife is wondering what's up with me
  8. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player


    Only a matter of time I think.

    Johno gets my vote.
  9. Nnnn

    Nnnn First Team

    Cleverly. Not really ours TBF though. Eustace scored a few, including one of the best goals I've ever seen

    Barnes didn't score that many as a winger, only when GT (God) switch him to striker next to Loofa did he start putting them away regularly.
  10. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    Might be an idea. Stick Capoue up front.

    It's a yes from me.
  11. Squibba

    Squibba Predictor Choker 14/15

    I know Wikipedia can be wrong but it tells me the most goals Richard Johnson scored in a single season was 7?
  12. Luther Bassett

    Luther Bassett Reservist

    When did he play as a central striker? Blissett/ Jenkins; Blissett/ Armstrong; Johnston/ Reilly iirc? Played almost exclusively wide left, with occasional forays into midfield to man mark, e.g. Bryan Robson. Or am I losing the plot?
  13. Nnnn

    Nnnn First Team

    It was after all of the above. The last couple of seasons before he left for Liverpool he played down the middle as a striker. I know he scored some great goals as a winger but not that many.

    He was quite prolific up front. Liverpool put him back into midfield though.
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  14. J.B

    J.B First Team

    Cristian Battocchio - Not a great scorer of goals, but a scorer of great goals.
  15. wfc124

    wfc124 Reservist

    Doesnt that apply to Richard Johnson as well?
  16. wfc124

    wfc124 Reservist

    Darren Bazeley used to score goals that Messi would be proud of - such as this

  17. Manatleisure

    Manatleisure Reservist

    Can we get back on track please. Will QSF leave us?
  18. Manatleisure

    Manatleisure Reservist

    Oops wrong thread.lol
  19. TheDon

    TheDon First Team

    Danny ****tu will always be the greatest goalscoring defender.
  20. IRB

    IRB THe artist formally know as ImRonBurgundy?

    Didn't ****tu get double figures one season under Hoofroyd?
  21. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    I know he wasn't up to much, but a midfielder who had a real eye for goal was Jon Joe O'Toole.
  22. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    Uncanny knack of getting on the scoresheet. Looked like a 70's throwback.
  23. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    Probably the highest strike rate for a true central midfielder. Couldn't do anything else though and so it never did us much good.
  24. Relegation Certs

    Relegation Certs Squad Player

    angella scored more didnt he? I love him, the classy **** defender
  25. Happy bunny

    Happy bunny Cheered up a bit

    Classy footballer, but not a particularly good defender. Not a patch on Prodl, Britos and Cathcart as he loses his man far too often.
  26. Happy bunny

    Happy bunny Cheered up a bit

    Really? Have you got the stats? Apart from anything else, all those free-kicks he scored from the right-hand corner of the box after Cally had been brought down.
  27. Relegation Certs

    Relegation Certs Squad Player

    I agree with you, sadly. The word **** in my post was s h i t! I did love watching him though.
  28. Grrwood

    Grrwood Reservist

    Damien Francis got a fair few for us last Prem season. Don't remember any of them though.
  29. Godfather

    Godfather bricklayer extraordinaire

    Probably McGugan however he cost us far more wasted opportunities that he scored goals.
  30. Luther Bassett

    Luther Bassett Reservist

    I must have watched the majority of those matches....
    Better resume the medication
  31. Callys Mullet

    Callys Mullet First Year Pro

    if you mean best goal scoring midfielder as in 'best goal' scoring midfielder, look no further than my avatar. ;)
  32. Nnnn

    Nnnn First Team

    I watched all of them, so what?
  33. Luther Bassett

    Luther Bassett Reservist

    'Twas a self deprecating remark about my rotten memory, not a willie waving contest.
  34. The PozzMan

    The PozzMan Squad Player

  35. King Dev

    King Dev Squad Player

    Devon had boots of gold I tell you!

    They slowed him down and made sure the ball bounced off of his feet!

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