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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by hornmeister, Mar 3, 2017.

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    Kabs agent has put in a right old shift this week. Just waiting for the Barcelona rumour now
  2. Well we are rather overrun with quality CBs at the moment so moving one of the many out does make a lot of sense. We can then sign another GK.
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    Seems like Kabaele has signed a new contract. AL mentioned it in passing on his podcast/blog.
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    At last some good news
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    Hopefully not a 4.5 year deal or anything that long, but I doubt we will have learnt from our mistakes. Turns 29 in February.
  6. Don't bet against it ! Or it will be just 2 years now but a 4 year to follow when that expires.
    Would Gino really be that Kabasele ?
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    He sounds a lot more reasonable than Troy:

    “They explained to us that it was better to open the training centre, to prevent players from going to the parks or being unable to do real football work, to make our lives easier.

    “Personally, I feel safer there than when I go shopping. We are surrounded by people tested negative… the risks are limited in this phase 1.
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