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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by The Voice of Reason, Jan 31, 2017.

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    I didn't know that.
    You can always learn from other people can't you Harry,Dele?!
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    JH & Mendy head to head.
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    A lot has been said - quite rightly - of Troy's shoulder-to-shoulder destruction of Sanchez. But our seemingly reborn Greek hero also dished out the same treatment to Moura, encapsulating the determination being shown throughout the team:


    No lack of cojones here:D
  5. Yeah! I commented on that tackle at the time, Jose practically cut him in two and he didn't even get a yellow, at the time I thought he was going to get a red :eek:

    I'm going to say it, I think he deserves to be considered with the same regard as Robbo was and quite frankly I've thought this for some time. He's defininitely the same sort a player as Robbo was, his only problem has been his persieved misserable git status , which I believe is more just his passion and determination for the game, and like other players if he lost that side of his game he probably would not be the same player.
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  6. carboy98

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    He absolutely put on the afterburners to catch him before the challenge too. What a guy. Honestly one of my favourite Wtford players of recent memory
  7. Jossy

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    And we saw at Old Trafford the week before, how fast Moura is. Not bad for a 34 year old.

    Hopefully - when he inevitably has a brain fart at some point this season - the supporters will cut him a bit of slack. He's certainly built up some credit in the bank at the moment.
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    No idea if hornetboy1 is trying to be funny or just an idiot, but just to clarify, the article is about who you should transfer into your fantasy football team instead of Mendy, not who Man City should sign.
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    Oh... Fooled me
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  13. As far as I am aware, he hasn't got a song. Why?
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    Is that a genuine question? Really?
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    What a season he is having. That is all.
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    This guy from 2017 seems to know what he's talking about.
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    For a decrepit has been, there was a moment when the ball was played through to Big Nose who had a couple of yards on Jose, and he turned on the afterburners and got to the ball first...made small nips look like he was running through quicksand.
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    HG, I did assume you were referring to yourself as a decrepit has been on first reading.

    Presumably with ST in the UGT.
  19. Providing they are fit, 5 players are absolute nailed on starters for me: Foster, Cathcart, Capoue, Doucs, and Holebas. He is having a brilliant season.
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    Certainly proved a few doubters wrong, has our Jose. I remember many a post looking wistfully at the transfer dealings of Fulham, West Ham and the like, while lambasting our own failure to replace deadwood such as the feisty Greek.
  21. RookeryDad

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    JH seems to have an unusual ability to motivate himself.

    Maybe the thought of having only a wardrobe of ill fitting clothes to occupy his time terrifies him to maximise his footie career.
  22. Relegation Certs

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    I'm worried big ben Foster will beat him to player of the a season.

    Ben's had a great season but keepers should not be eligible to win this award.
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    From the ad for the Awards Night shown on the screen yesterday, the evening has a bit of an everyone’s a winner feel to it.

    As if Gino had bought up all the trophies in the sports shop.

    I hear you’ve been shortlisted in the Best Forum Poster - Trenchant category.
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    Had to google trenchant ffs
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    Yes, poor choice of words on my part.
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    Banned for 2 games after 10 bookings though?

    Handy as he would have missed the cup game anyway.
  27. Hornet4ever

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    It rarely happens but it is rewarding when you see that a player like Holebas has turned the tide to the extent that you're rightfully disappointed if he doesn't make the match day squad.

    He's a bit more composed & a bit less full on confrontational nowadays. Still has the ego, but that's really what drives him. We've had extremely good value out of him for the 2m we paid.

    My PoTS currently boils down to him & Catchcart.
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  28. Surely he has reached Robbo status, he has for me as I think he is a very similar player to him, in fact he is just as tenacious but more skilful than Robbo IMO.
  29. wfc4ever

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    Must be good mates with Gray as Andre says they sit together on the team coach..

    Didn't think they'd get on really?

    Maybe Jose likes Little Mix...
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    Discussing zips & fasteners, hemlines & crotch sag.
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  32. Bahrain Hornet

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    On the FA site says he’s back on 27/02/19?

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    The dates are inclusive. The ban ends that day when we play.

    I was wrong on the match thread in forgetting accumulated yellow card bans are now completion-specific.
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