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Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by Fitz, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    This thread will probably not be interesting to you at all.

    I know most of you couldn't give a fying fluck about any other team than the Goldenboys of Watford's very own Football Club. I also know that many of you couldn't give a fying fluck about MLS, even if you did follow other teams. I mean, why would you follow an overhyped team in a middling league out of a footballing backwater? I get it...

    This thread will not be interesting to you at all.

    So move along. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    I live a few miles from the Home Depot Center, and I watch nearly every football match at the venue. I have followed this MLS team since about the time I moved to LA in 2001. This is my team, my main team actually, and I'll blog on the lovable losers from LA known as the Galaxy right here on this thread. Don't hate. I'll try to make it entertaining and informative. Let's say it'll be infotaining. I'll also report on the LA Riot Squad, the main supporters group for the Galaxy.

    Our league is young and wierdly formatted.
    Our players are raw, naive and athletic.
    There will be joy.
    There will be pain.
    Someone will throw up after drinking too much. Probably me.

    The 2008 LA Galaxy Schedule:
    (*) 'darby' matches

    The official LA Galaxy Blog
    The Galaxy Roster
  2. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

  3. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    Me and the wife hope to be doing a road trip along the California coast, some time in the next few years, if and when we do maybe we could meet up and take in a Galaxy game.

    I'll PM you when we have finalised our plans, then maybe you can be our personal guide around LA!!!
  4. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    Me and the wife hope to be doing a road trip along the California coast, some time in the next few years, if and when we do maybe we could meet up and take in a Galaxy game.

    I'll PM you when we have finalised our plans, then maybe you can be our personal guide around the LA area!!!
  5. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    I'll be reading Fitz. Can't say I know much about MLS football other than the basics. What are your expectations for the coming season?
  6. Evasive

    Evasive Requiescat in pace

    Feel free to keep us informed of the Galaxy's season. It will be an interesting read.
  7. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse Strangeland

    I'll be reading Fitz mate.
  8. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    I'll be reading this good sir. I'm hoping to take in a bit of MLS when i hit America next summer, would be nice if i could look like i know what i'm talking about.
  9. afanof

    afanof First Team

    I'll be reading it too, with interest. I had a look at the Riot Squad forum and found it very amusing.:cool:
  10. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player


    Former Toon medical ward bed occupier Celestine Babayaro was waived today by the Galaxy.

    Apparently he underestimated what it takes to play in the MLS. He couldn't beat out two rookies and a second year player for a spot on the left.

    Ruud Gullitt has proven absolutely cold blooded about getting rid of players that can't figure out his system or don't put in the 100% effort he demands of them.

    In time, I think he can turn the Galaxy back into the MLS kingpin it was for years.

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  11. krisvad

    krisvad Forum Viking

    I think Ruud could do wonders but then again he could screw things up completely. His ego is huge and whilst his footballing capabilities cannot be discussed he has yet to show real management quality. But it sounds like a good start.
  12. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    The G's will score a lot of goals this season, the question is how many will we fail to prevent being scored against us?

    This league has evolved over the last 12 months so that I hardly know what to make. With Ruud taking over, I am only just beginning to figure out what to expect from him. Most of the other teams have made improvements, some more than others, and quite a few have lost good players to Europe.

    The Galaxy made a HUGE step forward by getting proven MLS goal scorer Carlos Ruiz. Once a 'G', the Guatemalan striker won helped us win the MLS cup once already. He's a little older now, and hasn't been in shape, but you better believe he is working his ass off now under Ruud and with the expectation of not being the guy who let's Donovan and Beckham down.

    The G's have had a shaky start in the preseason, but that is likely due to the use of trial players in the matches.

    I don't like our keeper situation, and there has been some talk of trading for another keeper, but who knows..? I was hoping Babayaro would shore up the back alongside Xavier and Greg Vanney, but he's gone now...

    Bottom line, I think we should make the playoffs this season, and even get pretty far, but we'd be lucky to win it all. Then again, I said that last season.
  13. krisvad

    krisvad Forum Viking

    I think Mart Poom could become available soon?
  14. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    He needs a ride back to Estonia.

    One thing we do well is produce goal keepers. Mart would have a hard time getting on at most MLS teams.
  15. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    Many of the Galaxy's games can be seen live on the internet without annoying American announcers on www.channelsurfing.net. Problem: you will likely be asleep for most games.

    Incidentally, the Galaxy play the infamous Shanghai Hong Kong United today. You'd have to be very hard up for a footy match to watch this one. Still, for we longtime fans, it will give more clues as to the trajectory of the team and the thought process of the gaffer Ruud-boy.
  16. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    Again, you gotta be desparate for footy to do this, but all Galaxy games should be on CASH 1700 AM again this season, unless anyone has heard anything different. You can listen live by clicking the link.

    Radio broadcasts are available for some other MLS teams in English and they are likely to be able to be heard through their local station's website:

    DC United games

    Real Salt Lake Games

    FC Dallas games

    New England Revolution games





    Columbus Crew games

    Houston Dynamo games


    NO CHIVAS (but screw them)

    I haven't figured out about San Jose yet.

    NOTE: I compiled this list last season so some of the broadcast relationships, the URL's or even station ownerships may have changed.
  17. fuzzy73

    fuzzy73 Reservist

    The very same Babayaro that certain forum members wanted Aidy to sign not so long ago ;)

  18. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player


    So the G's beat a team called Shanghai Hong Kong United in Shanghai.
    G's won 3-0.

    The score sheet says it's Carlos Ruiz with a Hat Trick. Notably there are 6 different players assisting on the 3 goals. Also notable is the secondary assists. This is something the G's haven't done in a while.

    LAG - Carlos Ruiz (David Beckham, Alvaro Pires) 46+
    LAG - Carlos Ruiz (Sean Franklin, Brandon McDonald) 80'
    LAG - Carlos Ruiz (Ely Allen, Troy Roberts) 81'
  19. krisvad

    krisvad Forum Viking

    Interesting - 6 assist makers for 3 goals - classic american stat-mongering.

    Secondly, I do like the idea of having a top assist-maker list but only one per goal scored please.
  20. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    Not to quibble, but secondary assists are given in international football, are they not?

    What's remarkable is that there are 3 in the game, all scored by the same person, too.

    Not that hanging 3 on SHKU is anything to write home about.
  21. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    I've never heard of 'secondary assists' to be honest Fitz ???

    In this part of the world we've only ever counted the bloke who puts the final pass through as assisting. As Kris says, it sounds like typical american stattos! ;) Do you have an example of it in media anywhere?
  22. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    OK, I did a little research on this one, and you are absolutely right gents: the secondary assist is not used in International football, only in MLS. Early on I think I recall noticing only MLS had two assists but stopped noticing after seeing it so often here.

    First, I agree with you that stats tracking is very American sporting. I love it in basketball, it's useful in football, and though I can't stand the game, baseball fans 'get wood' over statistics. It gives the right brained guys something to talk about at the water cooler on Monday morning. It becomes a tiny ruler to measure one's manhood against other sportsfans'. I hate it in soccer, because the game is about the ebb and flow of the team, not individual accomplishments (EXCEPT GOAL SCORING/KEEPING!). Assists is one of the only stats I like because it actually tells you something about the quality of the run of play in the game.

    The assist comes from ice hockey where the last two players to touch the puck get an assist. It is critical in hockey, since you get a point for an assist and two points for a goal and at the end of the season the top points winner gets tin of crisps or something.

    The North American Soccer League (think New York Cosmos and LA Aztecs) was the first 'FIFA governed league to adopt the tracking of it in the 70's and by the 2002 World Cup, it had become a standard in international football.

    Like the assist stat itself, the secondary assist in soccer is quintessentially North American. It is intended to indicate that there were two great passes that set up the goal.

    It has been given out inconsistently in MLS over the years, depending on what the league wanted out of the stats. Sometimes it was literally done like hockey where the last two to touch the ball got an assist. At other times, they seemed to notice this was not helpful to comprehending the game and tightened up on giving them out.

    Primary/Secondary Assists Per Goal
    It seems to be out of control in '97-'02, but become more reasonable since. I wonder if this has to do with FIFA regulating Primary assists better, or our stats trackers in MLS getting smarter?

    1997---522---0.82--- 0.37
    1998---685---0.80 ---0.46
    1999---549---0.83 ---0.52
    2000---612---0.81 ---0.44
    2001---519---0.83 ---0.51
    2002---421---0.81 ---0.53

    2003---433---0.69 ---0.27
    2004---392---0.69 ---0.32
    2005---551---0.70 ---0.31
    2006---347---0.69 ---0.26
  23. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    Result of last night's match between Galaxy and a Hong Kong Union team.

    G's 2-2 HKU
    4-5 in PK's to HKU

    Interesting at first, to see the excellent possession game the G's played...but the G's just couldn't get the better of the goal keeper on shot after shot. Becks looked great, Alan Gordon and Carlos Ruiz good, Cronin was terrible and the defense looked disorganized again. The rookies were better than the vets, save Xavier who was a monster.

    It should have ended 1-1 but the abominable ref awarded opposing penalties in 2nd half stoppage for unintented handballs that really wouldn't have affected the run of play. Whatever...I hate officials.

    On an other note, the star striker for the Hong Kong team, Detinho, looked like a huge hairy lesbian. Quite amusing.

  24. Ed The Zombie

    Ed The Zombie Academy Graduate

    Fire Pete!
  25. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    For those who don't know Peter Vagenas is the sort of Gavin Mahon of the Galaxy, except no one would take him after he leaves. He is infmaous for receiving the ball putting two or three random useless touches on it, then pass it back at best. A tworst he puts his three random touches on and then makes a pass typically either very ill-advisedly to the oppponent or righ over the top to the endline.


    He is besty mates with GM Alexi Lalas, hence the reign of PV continues. Personally I feel that his days are very very numbered.
  26. sexybadger

    sexybadger The Don


    Well he certainly looks like a bit of a tool.
  27. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    "Awwww...why the long face?"
  28. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    Final Exhibition match is a charity game in Dallas against FC Dallas. Last season, these two teams played to a 6-5 win for the Galaxy. Good times!

    Today's Result:
    Galaxy 0 - 0 FC Dallas

    Galaxy with 2 yellows, Dallas with one.
    Carlos Ruiz who was the star of FC Dallas last season and is the G's hope for scoring A LOT this season didn't make the trip, but Donovan and Beckham played. Ricardinho was a new addition for Dallas. The game was fun to watch, a lot of back and forth, some excellent keeper work, but in the end no one could put it in the old Onion Bag.

    The Galaxy look like they need at least one more skilled defender to get them through, and the middle of the field seems unsettled still.
  29. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    The next game:
    March 29th, the season begins with an away game at Colorado...and yours truly will be there with 8-10 other Riot Squadders. One of the big differences between English football and the MLS is the lack of away support. The distances are so long, people just don't do it.

    1,012 miles from LA to Denver, 15 or so hours by car, $200 in gas alone. Nearly 30 hours by train, probably $400. Or a 2 1/2 hour plane flight for $300. About half of the Galaxy games are on weeknights, and American companies don't give very much vacation time.

    Similarly, we rarely have away fans in any numerical significance at the Home Depot Center, except when we play Chivas USA who rents our stadium when we aren't in it for their home games. They attend in large numbers. We will also get a sizable contingent making the 7 hour drive between LA and San Francisco for the games against the San Joe Earthquakes.

    So I am going, but only 8-10 others will be going from the Riot Squad, and another 10 or so from the general Galaxy fanbase.

    It will probably be very cold up in the Rocky Mountains...I'll be well bundled up so if you tune in, you won't see my signature bald head, but a warm tewk instead.

    More on the MLS Away fan experience here and here.
  30. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    Nice work Fitzy. I complain about my 4 hour drive for home games so what your doing is commendable.

    I also love reading your reports on the matches with the added americanism's. Out of interest, how hard is it to get tickets for a Galaxy match. I quite fancy checking out a game when i'm in Cali next summer.
  31. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    I have to agree with luke_golden, I'm beginning to be drawn to these reports. Should we both seek help?
  32. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    I find some sort of brewed or distilled beverage to be of the utmost in aid in these circumstances.

    No worries Luke. Probably be able to get them day of the game, and if it looks tough, I can make arrangements in advance. Shouldn't be a problem.
  33. Fitz

    Fitz Squad Player

    Becks has option to buy the G's after 2011...

    Not sure how I feel about this, to be honest. So far the whole Beckham experience has me feeling like it's all about getting rich quick and then about football secondarily.

    What say you?
  34. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    An option to buy?! :eek:

    He's a very savvy man is young David. Has his football academies and now looks like he'll pick up a football team of his own too. He's definitely targeting a growing market. To buy in England these days you essentially need vast amounts of money to make any profit - it's like a massively odds on bet. But I bet there's still easy money to be made in your league?
  35. krisvad

    krisvad Forum Viking

    Basically the club is paying him an absolute shedload of sosh to stay there for 5 years - then - he can use some of it to buy the club? Don't know who thought of that deal but a good one it is for Becks. I don't know if football will ever take off in the US but if it does it's brilliant business.
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