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  1. It's a sad state of affairs that the only striker we have who can actually score goals from open play is deemed surplus to requirements despite the likelihood that we won't be signing another scorer.
  2. mgf_portas

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    Could this absence have anything to do with the punch in a Vegas nightclub? Just a thought, get the rumour mill purring
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  3. Keighley

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    Do you mean someone from the club, or posters on here?

    Because several posters said precisely that they would like him back after the Newcastle match just three days ago. See posts #301, 306, 307, 310 and 313 on that thread, for a start.
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  4. RookeryDad

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    Good thinking.

    Gino waiting for that episode to be happily resolved before moving on the unblemished goods?

    Awkward to have AG flying out to NV in an orange jumpsuit every couple of weeks to go through the due legal processes.
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    Hey, if that's what his pop starlet girlfriend says is on trend who are we to argue?
  6. Maybe swap him for Shane Long instead? Southampton are apparently trying to buy Ighalo - they'd surely need to offload a striker to make room.
  7. Long is an awful awful player....a nippy forward who can't score. 5 goals in his last 74 prem appearances. Gray is much better
  8. Hornet4ever

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    Maybe it would be good business to try & swap Gray for Vydra. I'd take that.

    Think that move would suit & also benefit both clubs style of play.
  9. Leighton Buzzer

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    If you saw Vydra miss that chance for Burnley against Man City, and also taking into account that he can't hold down a first team place, I think we would be swapping like for like.
    I take your point in your second sentence though.
  10. Andre Gray.
    Perhaps the answer our need for a goal-scoring striker was right under our nose ?
  11. Hornet4ever

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    1st August 2019 - Sports Writer.
    Watford have turned down a bid of 24m for Andre Gray from Inter after the striker hit form and scored 12 goals in his last 12 games firing the Hornets to 7th place last season.
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    Certainly deserves a run of games. Seems to have a decent attitude when not selected. Would have added bonus of removing Sema from team as Delefeou could be switched wide. Has the negative of Sema ending up in the FA Cup team.
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  13. Teide1

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    Out of our goal scorers minutes played per goal
    Andre Gray 171 (5 goals)
    Isaac Success 307 (4 goals)
    Troy Deeney 321 (6 goals)

    I think Gray should start the next few games! he thrives on decent service, not hit and hope balls!
  14. RookeryDad

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    Deeney/Gray does look the best combo if we expect the forwards to do the scoring. Doucs/Cap in midfield, Del & Bobby wide.

    Leaves Hughes/Nate/Quina on the touch line.

    Or else 3 at the back.
  15. Sounds good to me though the temptation of a long ball may be too much to resist.
  16. RookeryDad

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    Foster rolls ball to Holebas, 70yd hoof onto Troy’s head, flick on to Gray who outpaces the CB.

    Doucs, Bobby &, in fact, the whole midfield can be sold with a clear conscience.

    His & her Bentleys for the Pozzos.

    Pozzo model in action.
  17. hornetboy1

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    Got to give Gray a lot of credit for his goal on Saturday. Before the ball came across there was a line of Mapps, Keane, Gray and Kenny. They were all slowly walking up until Cathcart's touch to Hughes caught everyone out apart from Gray who darted towards the goal. The others did this too but were much slower to react. This is why Gray was a couple of yards ahead of the defenders (Mapps) included for an easy tap in.

    Gray is clumsy with his control, has a 50 pence head, is useless at 1 v 1, but he is very good at sniffing out chances within the 6 yard box. That was a typical Gray goal. We do not have anyone else in our entire squad that can find the space in a tight area like him. It's no coincidence that most of his goals are tap ins as this is his strength and something that very few (including myself) had really appreciated before.

    The trouble with playing Gray is that you have to have Deeney alongside him, so you have to change the formation. You cannot play Gray as the lone striker or else he's completely lost in that role. He plays on the shoulder, stretches a defence and he can find that pocket of space in the 6 yard box. These are his greatest strengths. Of course we all know his limitations, but when you don't have too much quality up front, we do need to use him more often for the remainder of the season.
  18. leighton buzzard horn

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    Deeney & Gray - best partnership we have.
  19. Relegation Certs

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    The most depressing thing ever written on this forum.
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    You, of all people, should know that's not true.....
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    Why? I know it is popular in parts to moan about the shortcomings of Gray and Deeney but they are a good partnership. Equally I know some people moan about Cathcart and Mariappa as a partnership - I've even seen somebody say they are 'not top ten premier league defenders' yet the table says we are comfortably top ten.

    If there is an expectation that we should be scoring goals for fun like we did in the Championship then that simply isn't going to happen. The Premier League is incredibly dull, but that's the league as a whole...not just Watford.
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  22. Manchester City and Liverpool score hatfuls. We score less and fewer cos we need better strikers like those what they of got. Only thing stopping us from getting to the next level as our defence is world class and would walk into any non top 6 team.
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  24. Carpster

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    Not a fan really at all. But he certainly made a difference 2nd half. I would be happy to see him make me eat my words.
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    I think this must have been translated from the original Polish.
  26. vic-rijrode

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    Probably Furniture Polish....
  27. Was trying to post a la Highgrade but unfortunately I didn't make the grammar sufficiently erroneous to distinguish it from my usual posts.....
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  31. wfc4ever

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    Just as well - we are light enough up front as it is !!
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    After The Sun report this, the story will be twisted no doubt.

    Watford striker Andre Gray has been found not guilty of assaulting a British woman in a Las Vegas nightclub. His defense was the pre-match playlist made him do it.
  33. Sort of OK

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    Could this have been his 'injury' recently?

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