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    On Tuesday night the representative Stakhanovite team of the Central Hertfordshire Autonomous Democratic Soviet (CHADS) (veterans of struggles and moral victories over unprovoked attacks on our glorious revolution by: the petite bourgeoisie of Reading, the arboreal class-traitors of Nottingham, the property speculating lapdogs of Blackpool and counter-revolutionaries of Charlton) faced their hated premiership oppressors, and lackeys of the capitalist industrial agricultural complex, Norwich. Under the paternal, and wise, leadership of our great strategist “Zolin” and buoyed by the outpourings of spontaneous support by the massed ranks of the proletariat, accompanied by the hymns of the choir of veterans of the Yellow Army our motherland's sons, brothers and fathers, faced and overcame all of the obstacles strewn in their pathway to victory for our revolution founded by the visionary, and hero of the people, “Taylin”!

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    Пусть от победы к победе ведёт
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    I've got no idea what you're on about, but I am slightly impressed in how you've managed to find this inextricable link between football and Marxism.
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    Love it.
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    The Derby game will welcome my Muscovite sister-in-law. A Geordie by birth but now living in Moscow. We thought we'd treat her to the Zolacoaster.
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    Great post - hilarious .
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